Contact Management Report: Connected

A report from the wild, wonderful world of contact management. Right now I’m working with Connected (, acquired a while back by LinkedIn) and though it’s not as feature rich or “smart” as another contact manager that I have high hopes for, Graphight, it’s super easy to use and does have bonus features that work well to deploy myGreenlight contact management recs. I like it. I like it a lot.


  • Evernote integration, hurrah! Awesomely easy way to take down notes at, say, a cocktail party, and get those notes matched to contacts in your address book.
  • There’s a tool to identify super connectors using the “who introduced me” feature in each contact entry – this is important, since identifying and hanging out with super connectors is an important way to keep opportunity and information flowing through your network.
  • Pinging tool: For each contact, you can be reminded to reach out at whatever frequency you request. Now, here’s my feature request: Reminders to ping a tagged group (rather than an individual) with a certain frequency. Not that you’d ping them all at once or with the same message, but so that you’d be prompted to visit the tagged list and consider with whom it’s a good moment for a generous outreach.
  • On Connected’s blog, they offer a worksheet to help you define your “Relationship Management Objective” – this is no replacement for myGreenlight’s Relationship Action Plan, but it is a cool, quick tool to think through your “relationship objectives”: which audiences you’re looking to communicate with, why, what message you want to send, and how you want to send it. Continue reading

James Altucher’s Tips for Getting Noticed

Check out an excerpt from the transcript for The Social Capitalist interview featuring James Altucher. Access the audio recording here. Click here for the full transcript: Social Capitalist Transcript – James Altucher. Enjoy!

Tahl Raz:     You know this is why I think it’s fascinating on the context of social capital.  So often, we interview these smooth, connected players with the right pedigree and the right suits who always say the right thing, and you’re not that at all; which makes the social capital you’ve acquired over the year which is substantial and the doors you’ve opened, which are many, and the relationships you’ve made all the more impressive and perhaps more instructive for a kind of a general audience because you’ve done it as an outsider with an unorthodox style.  And I want to pull that style apart for a moment.  Several critical elements of that style is illustrated by the story of how you’ve got a meeting with the notoriously private hedge fund master, Steve Cowen.  Can you tell that story?

James Altucher:      Yeah, so here’s a case where persistence plays off.  And this technique I’ve used in many different examples where you put yourself in front of a person and they might say no or they won’t respond.  So for instance, my very first company, and I’ll get to the Stevie Cowen example, but my very first company that I sold, I wanted to sell it to Omnicom.  So I got in front of the Omnicom head of acquisitions, and she liked the business but we were too small at the time.  And so fine, I was disappointed but every month then, I had the connection open.  I was able to send her an update; and eventually, after a year of updates, she called me again and said, “OK, we’re interested.”  And things like that happen all the time.  When you get in front of somebody, you might not get the response that you want, but suddenly they become aware of you.  And then the more you send them updates and hopefully the updates are positive, the more likely they are to respond positively.  So Stevie Cowen, I started sending him e-mails, and he wasn’t responding at all.  I will send, oh, OK, last month, I was up two percent.  Then the next month, I was up three percent.  The next month, I was up one percent.  Finally, he wrote back and he said, “What’s your IM?”  And I was surprised.  It was the first time he ever wrote back to me.  And so I sent him my instant message and we started IM-ing and then the next thing you know, I’m visiting him and I’m pitching him on why I should work for him.  In fact, he was almost pitching me on why I should work for him.  And so eventually, it didn’t work out.  I didn’t end up working for him, but we were able to build up an e-mail relationship and potentially good things could have happen from that. Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday – Happy Halloween!

Just last week we talked a bit here about leveraging holidays as opportunities to reach out to people within your network. And here we are on a bona fide holiday!  Ready to practice?

Your Mission:

Think of some way to acknowledge the Halloween holiday during your workday.  Some ideas:

  • Bring treats for your co-workers – candy (of course), or some other sweet.  This is a day to ditch the diets and indulge a bit.
  • Ask about weekend celebrations – parties, trick-or-treat events.  People love to talk about their kids and this is a perfect opening.
  • Send holiday greetings – wish them a frightfully good evening, ask how they are celebrating, share your own plans.
Do you have any other ideas for leveraging the holiday to increase intimacy within your circle?