Instant Mood Booster- Record Your Gratitude

In true holiday tradition, this past week we had our NY team Thanksgiving potluck. Since we didn’t take a picture – whoops –  here’s a pic of Ferrazzi Greenlight LA’s food fest.

But we did eat – a lot – and play the gratitude game.

Your turn to chime in: What are you most thankful for this year? Taking 30 seconds to reflect and write it out can have a profoundly positive effect on your day.

Ritu Walia is myGreenlight’s Member Coordinator.

Ladies, Make Like Men and Take a Personal Break at Work

I read this article on female workers burning out at 30 and sent it around to a few female colleagues with this comment:

Take care of YOU first, ladies. Everyone else will follow suit when they see that – especially in a professional context. PS I’m burned out and moving to Tahiti.

Here’s what I immediately got back (anonymously since I didn’t have time to ask them for permission):

Coworker 1: The thing that is troubling is that women are killing themselves and burning out…and men aren’t killing themselves, and are getting promoted. And they didn’t even talk in here about the whole working Mom thing. Trust me ladies, that’s no picnic :)

Coworker 2: I find this particularly interesting and disturbing in light of all the stats I’ve read that there are more women in the workforce now than there are men. It’s time for women to shift their natural multi-task syndrome over to tasks that benefit our well-being as well as our career climb. Continue reading

Three Team-Building Activities that Aren’t

According to this Forbes article, there are three team-building activities that are actually bad for your business. And believe me – they’re the ones you wouldn’t expect given that they’re so widely used.

  1. The Trust Game
  2. The “Being Blind” Game
  3. Two Truths and a Lie

The author, Deborah Sweeny, looks at each game individually. Trust games can be difficult to coordinate because of the diversity in employees’ physical attributes, and not to mention a myriad of technological distractions that may cause the “trust” to fall with a crash instead of “falling into a safe cocoon.”

The “being blind” game has obvious pitfalls- because it is a two- way street and each person in the partnership has to be blind, it is hard not to be influenced by the first run, and there are often opportunities for revenge. And let’s face it, revenge usually isn’t pretty.

Lastly, two truths and lie may make everyone too comfortable with lying- and that in itself makes us uncomfortable.

So what’s a great team-building activity? Warm, intimate dinners are one of our favorite team-building activities at Ferrazzi Greenlight. Keith likes to push teams past the small-talk by asking them questions like, “Share a challenge that has shaped who you are today” – a great way to frame conversation so that it can go deep without going too negative.  He gives everyone “permission to be intimate” and sets the tone upfront by answering the question first himself.

What are the best and worst team-building experiences you’ve had?

Ritu Walia is myGreenlight’s Member Coordinator.

Is There Value to “‘No Boys Allowed” Networking?

We have all heard the phrase “old boys’ network” and many of us have seen it in action. While the workforce has changed much over the past decades, this preconceived networking bias still impacts many professional women.

The good news is, woman have found workarounds via more structured networking opportunities than beer pong in the sports bar around the corner. (I don’t know about where you live, but you see a lot of that in New York…)

According to an LA Times article from earlier this year,  “Female business owners — who sometimes have to work around entrenched, old-boy networks in order to expand their businesses — have found networking events to be particularly valuable.” Carmen Rad, the president of her digital printing company says, “There is a tremendous advantage to joining, and you can’t just join one. You need to join more than one because each organization will have a different added value.”

Recently, women-only networking has re-surged, particularly in tech fields, in an effort to compensate for the potential gender setback. But not everyone sees this as a positive trend. Continue reading

Relationship Roundup

  Kibibi Springs is the myGreenlight Community Manager.

This week’s roundup is focused on managing the online/offline connection balance and knowing when to invest in some face time.

Who’s in Your Room? — Thanks @dgupta5150, for an introduction to Sonar,  an app that now lets you view which of your Linked In connections are in the same location you are.  Now you can take full advantage of the opportunity to spontaneously connect face-to-face with people you’ve attracted to your online network.

Setting the Bar High – When it comes to our business relationships, everyone is in the business of customer service. This week myGreenlight’s Director of Customer Service Kristen Bassick, asks us to take an objective look at our customer service experiences and think about the customer service impressions we leave on those we serve in our careers. Check it out.

Make Time for Face Time.  While online social tools and virtual office arrangements have made it easier to facilitate introductions and get our work done in many ways, online engagement can’t replace the good ol’ handshake, look in the eye and smile that has worked to connect us all for ages. This week’s HBR article The Secret Payoff of Meetings shares the new rules of engagement.