Mini Mission Monday

One of the key ways that you can show generosity to your network is by connecting people to the contacts and resources that will help move them toward their personal and professional goals.

Your Mission:

MyGreenlight needs your help! We are building a resource guide to help future myGreenlight members reach their learning goals.  Share your experience and expertise and recommend your favorite learning resource in the comments below.

Books, online or live communities, workshops, courses, apps, etc.  Anything is fair game.

Thank you!

Let Someone Else Solve Your Problem

On this month’s Social Capitalist webinar, agenda-setting writer, Fast Company co-founder and entrepreneur Bill Taylor explained what he calls “vuja de.” We all know what déjà vu means: the feeling that a new situation already happened. Bill flips the term to describe the experience of examining the industry you’ve been in for so long — and suddenly seeing it differently.

The need to continually self-evaluate and evolve is necessary to be truly successful, especially in this economy. We all get into routines in every aspect of our lives and find ourselves doing things a certain way because that is how they’ve always been done. Don’t let your expertise get in the way of innovation.

Your Mission: Pick a current professional challenge you’re facing. You can make this as big (raise company’s sales revenue) or small (payroll went out late) as you want. Instead of going to your staff or coworkers for advice, call two contacts in different industries and ask for their input. Have they had similar problems with solutions that could be adapted to fit your scenario? Note how these conversations change your perspective. Did they produce new insight you couldn’t have come up with on your own? That’s the goal.

What practices do you use to get fresh perspective on something?

Mini Mission Monday

The year end wrap-up, close-out, get ready to gear-up is upon us. Out with the old, in with the new.

Even if you aren’t planning to make any big changes career-wise any time soon, having an up-to-date CV in the can is a great way to make sure you are taking credit for your accomplishments and ready for any opportunities that come along.

Your Mission: Take an hour today to review your resume and make sure it is up-to-date and as tight as it can be. Make sure to quantify your accomplishments.  Toot your horn. Take credit for what you have done.

Extra Credit:  Anything you wish you could put on there?  Write it down as a goal for next year and start working on a plan to achieve it.  Instant resolution!

Mini Mission Monday

Participating in charitable or service organizations is a wonderful way to give back to your community while also having the chance to meet and work with like-minded folks.  There are so many opportunities to help out, but which one is the right one for you?

Today ask 5 people you respect what organizations they support and what they do to help.

Make sure that you frame this as an information seeking exercise and not an audit – you don’t want to put anyone on guard if they do not do as much as they would like.

Flex Your Idea Muscle

On the latest Social Capitalist webinar, guest James Altucher introduced myGreenlight to what he calls “The Daily Practice,” four steps that put you in the right place to succeed by helping you create better ideas and more energy. It was “The Daily Practice” that picked James back up after each of his failures and ultimately led him to success.

The Daily Practice:

  1. Take care of your physical health. You can’t succeed if you’re sick and out of shape. Eating right and getting physically fit increases your energy and makes it much easier for you to succeed.
  2. Take care of your emotional health/intimate relationships. If you’re in a series of bad relationships or constantly arguing with your family, spouse, or boss you are not going to have the emotional health to find the energy to build a business or succeed.
  3. Mental health – flex your idea muscle. You have to be able to generate ideas and have the confidence that your ideas are good. Building your idea muscle requires practice and time just like building any other kind of muscle. Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday

There are days set aside on the calendar to appreciate specific people – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day, even a Boss’s Day.  But there is nothing that says that your appreciation and admiration needs to fall on a specific holiday.  You can make anyone’s day special by giving them some unexpected positive feedback. People remember people who make them feel good.

Tell someone today what you admire or appreciate about them – surprise generosity is the best kind!

Extra Credit: Set a goal to say something positive to 5 people, or 10, or everyone you meet today.

Mini Mission Monday

Making time to catch up with everyone on your contact list can seem daunting.  Getting a group together is one of the best ways to touch base with multiple people at once.  Planning an event need not be a complicated undertaking.  Just pick a place and time and invite people!

Make a reservation for lunch on Friday.  Send an invite to anyone you’d like to see – instant event!

Mini Mission Monday

September marks the beginning of back-to-school.  Remember how great it was to see all of your friends after the long relaxing summer?  Even though you probably aren’t heading back to the classroom, you can still celebrate the arrival of fall in a social way.

Do something to mark the end of summer – a get together with friends you haven’t seen, surprise your office with donuts, or even send the postcards you didn’t get a chance to mail during your vacation.  Use the transition of seasons as an excuse to connect. (Although you don’t actually need an excuse!)