Launch Your Certainty Anchors

How does uncertainty make you feel? Nervous, stressed, scared? These reactions are common, but they can hold you back. Uncertainty can bring new and unexpected opportunities, creativity, curiosity, and excitement into your goals. Embracing uncertainty and letting go of a strict plan allows you take the blinders off to recognize new opportunities and create innovative solutions.

The author, speaker, and entrepreneur Jonathan Fields is the author of a book on that exact topic, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance, and recently was a guest at a Social Capitalist Event.

During the interview, he introduced listeners to the concept of certainty anchors. Jonathan studied highly creative, high-performance individuals and found that they shared a certain practice. They needed to feel free, not structure-bound in their working lives, and so they had created certainty anchors, or regular, repeated rituals, in their personal lives. These rituals made sitting with and exploring professional uncertainty possible, day after day, while keeping their overall anxiety-levels low. Continue reading