Mini Mission Monday

‘Tis the season for acknowledging those who have helped you out during the year. Whether you celebrate the winter holidays or not, this is the time of year when service people look for a bit of gratitude for their work during the year. By being thoughtful and generous you can ensure that you go into the new year with stronger relationships with those who help keep your life in order.

Your Mission:

Make a list of the service people who should be acknowledged this season and choose appropriate gestures. The postal delivery person, your hair stylist, housekeeper, administrative assistant, etc. Think broadly – there are lots of people who would be surprised and delighted by a bit of seasonal cheer.

Your gifts do not have to be monetary or cost a lot – referrals and testimonials and heartfelt thanks don’t cost a cent, but can make a huge impact.

Mini Mission Monday – Happy Halloween!

Just last week we talked a bit here about leveraging holidays as opportunities to reach out to people within your network. And here we are on a bona fide holiday!  Ready to practice?

Your Mission:

Think of some way to acknowledge the Halloween holiday during your workday.  Some ideas:

  • Bring treats for your co-workers – candy (of course), or some other sweet.  This is a day to ditch the diets and indulge a bit.
  • Ask about weekend celebrations – parties, trick-or-treat events.  People love to talk about their kids and this is a perfect opening.
  • Send holiday greetings – wish them a frightfully good evening, ask how they are celebrating, share your own plans.
Do you have any other ideas for leveraging the holiday to increase intimacy within your circle?