Christine Comaford and the Buddhist Principle that Changes Everything

Christine Comaford – author, entrepreneur, coach, and ex-Buddhist monk – has a unique pedigree and an equally unique perspective on leadership. In this excerpt from her Social Capitalist Live Interview, she shares her thoughts on the roles that focus and presence, key Buddhist principles, play.

Christine says:

Focus and presence to me are the foundation of leadership. When you choose to be exactly here, exactly now, there’s a couple of things that happen.

First of all, people feel that you’re aware, they feel that you care. Let’s also think about social media and why it’s so popular. It fulfills this deep need in people to be seen. When you grew up, did you really feel seen and acknowledged as a kid? Probably not. In your daily life, do you feel like people are really deeply, profoundly connecting with you every moment? Probably not, right? The more input we have coming in, the more phones and email, texting and etc., the less present we are. Continue reading

Relationship Roundup

In the roundup this week, scientific insight into our boastful nature, and some tips for calibrating our creativity, productivity, and leadership skills.

Braggadocio is our nature – Harvard University neuroscientists have recently discovered that one of the reasons our human nature leans towards talking about ourselves is because it’s just plain pleasurable. Read the Wall Street Journal article here:

Upending hierarchy –Team Innovation is best achieved when hierarchy doesn’t impede new frames of thought. Chris Trimble, author of Reverse Innovation: Create Far From Home, Win Everywhere, shares how building teams for innovation requires less structure and more open communication and creativity. Read the Harvard Business Review blog here:

Productivity and value – Adding value to your organization means being as productive as possible in the areas where the company needs it most. This isn’t always reflected in our to-do-lists for the day. In his blog, Josh Linkner pushes us to evaluate our value added activity and refocus on those things that mean more to the success of the business and our personal growth. Read Josh’s blog here:

Email efficiency – It’s a common challenge and none of us are immune to the email overload creep. The more resources you have for managing it the better. Peter Bregman, author of 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done shares his tips for managing email overwhelm. Read the Harvard Business Review blog here:

Leadership skills – Elevating to the C-Suite involves adopting an entirely different level of skills and qualifications. eCoach and consultant Dana Theus calls it the “invisible resume”. Register for her upcoming webinar to learn more about building executive presence. Read the SmartBrief blog and sign up here:

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