Setting the Bar High

Kristen is the Director of Customer Experience for myGreenlight. She’s been working with Ferrazzi Greenlight since 2010, helping with social media and market efforts. Now she cracks the (metaphorical) whip to make sure myGreenlight participants have an amazing experience.

Think of the term “customer service.”

Then think about calling your cable company.

What do you expect that service to look like? Feel like?  What emotions do you think you’ll be feeling when you are done?

OK.  You can calm down now.  It was just imaginary.  Sorry for putting you through that.

Now imagine a company that is all about relationships.  This company stakes its reputation on teaching clients to improve their relationships.  They are focused on the value of people.  The cornerstones of this company’s philosophy are generosity, vulnerability, candor, and accountability.

Imagine calling that company for help.

Your expectations are pretty high now, aren’t they?  It should feel amazing to deal with this company.  You should feel how much everyone you speak with values you.  You should not be frustrated.  Balls should never be dropped. You should never feel like anything less than a VIP.

Creating that experience is my job.

Luckily I am surrounded by an amazing team of people who are equally committed to making sure dealing with myGreenlight is a real-world example of what we are teaching you about what business relationships can and should look like.

In keeping with that – we are wide open for candid feedback – positive and negative.  If we get it wrong, let us know so we can fix it.  If we get it right, let us know so we make sure to institutionalize it.

I am excited about building something we can all feel good about.

Tell us what you think amazing customer service means, and how you know when you are getting it.