The Greenlight Highlight: How A Pastor and Consultant Extends Generosity to Build Sustainable Relationships

George Newman
Chicago, Illinois
Greenlight Member Since: August 2010
Nominated by Greenlight member Kibibi Springs

Elevator Pitch: I am a consultant to churches and the nonprofit industry, helping with organizational change related to servicing members. As a pastor it is my passion and goal to help others achieve what they need and desire.

What experience in your past was the moment you recognized how important relationships are to your success?

As a pastor and a minister I needed to improve the relationships with the young people in my church in order to help guide them in their spiritual life. I also realized having people in my life who would hold me accountable and provide structure, are important to my success. Learning from others’ mistakes and allowing people to steer me around the obstacles has been instrumental to my progress.

What are the coolest things you’re working on at home or at work right now?

In my current consulting role, I am helping a pastor develop ministries to reach more people and get them involved and engaged in the organization. It’s exciting to know that my work will leave this organization in a better position, which is in alignment with my purpose. I’m helping others help others. The affirmation I receive in the form of feedback from my clients lets me know that I’m contributing in an important way and that is very rewarding. Continue reading

Relationship Roundup

In the Relationship Roundup this week, building blocks to fix your communication, using social media to your visual advantage, improving your time management, and increasing relationship intimacy.

Communication fix: Business relationships can be tricky to manage and require special finesse. Learn how to maneuver a touchy communication challenge in this CBS MoneyWatch article. Read it here:

Being visually engaging: Many of us are still figuring out the role that visual platforms can play in our social media mix. Expert Ekaterina Walker shares how the new visual landscape can add depth to your online relationship building. Read her Fast Company article here:

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Long slow dinner without interruptions: I love this company’s creativity and mission to bring attention back to the dining table. Read about their social rehab kit here:

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Relationship Roundup

Welcome back. Hope everyone had a great kick off to the official holiday season. In the roundup this week, some conventional and unconventional recommendations for taking advantage of the social season and upping the ante on the intimacy in your relationships.

Try a little forgiveness – Forgiveness can be very transforming for an individual.  Imagine what it can do for a company. In this HBR post, management consultant Terese Norton shares how forgiveness transformed a hotel staff’s perception of self to continue bringing value to their organization and its customers.

Nurture the relationships in your nest – While I normally wouldn’t highlight an advertisement as need to know information, the topic of developing internal employees certainly deserves some thought as we go into annual performance review time. Here’s what Booze Allen is sharing about the topic

Release with respect – The unfortunate reality is that some of us may be faced with letting go of an employee in our future. Ending a relationship has some rules of its own. CBS Money Watch recommends 5 “Don’ts” for handling discharges.  Read it here

Before you Bail on Mail – The annual holiday card season offers the perfect opportunity to connect with family, friends and colleagues past and present.  Before you opt for the email version weigh the impact that your personal signature may have on the recipient.  Read what others are thinking about their holiday mailing decisions

Social solutions for the blind – Round of applause for Selene Chew, for considering the possibilities for improving the quality of life of the blind with the BlindSpot Cane — a clever and empathetic technological attempt to create new opportunities for social interaction for the visually impaired. Read the article here

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