Relationship Roundup

Reap the rewards of relationship strategies that can deliver results on your goals in this week’s Roundup. Get the fundamentals of earning respect, read how isolation improves productivity, become a pro at managing challenging conversations, and more.

Get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Earning and offering respect boils down to the basics of effective relationship building. Read the Inc. article about the fundamentals of earning respect here:

Accomplish more with isolation – Sometimes getting to your goals mean exercising some selective isolation to get important things done. Read how to effectively isolate yourself for productivity here:

Manage difficult behavior – Get helpful strategies for neutralizing challenging conversations. Watch the HBR Channel video blog here:

Build confidence – Start feeling like you can tackle anything by pushing yourself through small zones of discomfort. Learn how in this CBS MoneyWatch article here:

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Program & Community Director.

Relationship Roundup

In the roundup this week, an in-depth look at quick wins, what we can learn from bad behavior, the softer side of power, the value of youth in your network, and creative first impressions.

Quick wins – At myGreenlight we fully support the concept of quick wins on the way to big audacious goals. Read one Harvard Business Review blogger’s view on their benefits here:

Anti-relationship lessons – A view from the other side of the street is always a good way to heighten our perception and understanding. In this SmartBrief Blog, a few behaviors that will guarantee you won’t be #1 on anyone’s relationship list. Read more here:

The softer side of power – The concept of what makes someone powerful is shifting. In this recap of Harvard Professor Joseph Nye’s new book, The Future of Power, there are three lessons on the softer side of power and how to apply them. Read Scott Eblin’s blog here: Continue reading

Jonathan Fields Says You Are Exactly As Lucky As You Believe You Are

Jonathan Fields is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance. Jonathan joined Never Eat Alone co-author Tahl Raz on the Social Capitalist to talk about his work around the idea of certainty anchors as a tool to support innovation. Here, Jonathan talks about luck, and how it is frequently in the eye of the beholder:

Richard Weismann was doing experiments. He wanted to try and figure out whether there is some commonality among the lucky. Is there something that some people do that makes them luckier or less lucky than others?

So what he did is he got two groups of people together. One group self-identified as being very unlucky. The other group self-identified as being very lucky. He sat them all down and he said, “Okay, here’s a newspaper. I’m going to time you. I want you to go through the newspaper as quickly as possible and count every picture that you see in the newspaper.” The people who identified themselves as being unlucky took about two minutes on average, and they returned and said, “Okay, there are 43 pictures in the newspaper.”

The people, on average, who identified themselves as lucky took a few seconds and came back with the exact same number. Continue reading

Relationship Roundup

This week in the Roundup, the focus is on behavioral traits that create the type of productive, deep, and meaningful relationships you want in your life. Take it all in, then take the steps to practice those behavioral traits that will get you where you envision yourself.

Perspectives on acts of kindness – Taking in a variety of perspectives makes learning richer. Learning to take in a variety of perspectives is a habit worth practicing. Even if you disagree with an opposing opinion, the opportunity to listen to, discuss, or read someone else’s point of view on a topics allows you to better understand the complexity of humans. Read this author’s experience with taking in others’ perspectives on kindness here

MISS perceptions – Without a willingness to practice empathy and an awareness that perception is dictating our reality, we misperceive the actions of others all the time. You know what they say about assumptions. This Linked 2 Leadership blog sheds a deeper light on the natural tendency to judge and how to develop behaviors that create more teamwork in the tribe. Read it here

Influence with integrity – Integrity can be difficult to maintain when met with opposition and maintaining it can require making some decisions not in your immediate favor. However, from the outside looking in, a lack of integrity can speak volumes about your leadership ability.This SmartBrief blogger shares their view on how leadership can die on the vine when behaviors that lack integrity are displayed and how to keep your integrity in tact in tough situations. Read it here

Transferring culture – There is a lot that can be learned from brands with strong cultures that have a lot to share about replicating their brand experience in ways that resonate with employees and consumers. Big Think’s latest episode on leadership featuring Whole Foods CEO John Mackey provides some lessons on culture transference. Read and watch it here

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Director.