The Greenlight Highlight: How A Pastor and Consultant Extends Generosity to Build Sustainable Relationships

George Newman
Chicago, Illinois
Greenlight Member Since: August 2010
Nominated by Greenlight member Kibibi Springs

Elevator Pitch: I am a consultant to churches and the nonprofit industry, helping with organizational change related to servicing members. As a pastor it is my passion and goal to help others achieve what they need and desire.

What experience in your past was the moment you recognized how important relationships are to your success?

As a pastor and a minister I needed to improve the relationships with the young people in my church in order to help guide them in their spiritual life. I also realized having people in my life who would hold me accountable and provide structure, are important to my success. Learning from others’ mistakes and allowing people to steer me around the obstacles has been instrumental to my progress.

What are the coolest things you’re working on at home or at work right now?

In my current consulting role, I am helping a pastor develop ministries to reach more people and get them involved and engaged in the organization. It’s exciting to know that my work will leave this organization in a better position, which is in alignment with my purpose. I’m helping others help others. The affirmation I receive in the form of feedback from my clients lets me know that I’m contributing in an important way and that is very rewarding.

What relationship building skills and strategies are you applying to the project you just told us about?

Generosity has been a great door opener to establish a connection and a bond with my clients. The current client is a long-term friend, but we’ve never worked together. Several months ago we met in a restaurant and he shared his frustration in accomplishing his mission and goals which led to our collaboration. It started with me asking, “How can I help you?”

What’s your most effective relationship action planning routine? The one you renew and repeat with the most success?

Generosity is what I’ve used most often, but I’ve also learned and have become a proponent of pinging through LinkedIn. I’ve become very adept at not only making the LinkedIn connection, but also initiating conversation after we’ve connected. The Relationship Action Inventory tool (RAI) where I track my Relationship Action Plan (RAP) participants and the activities I initiate with them has helped me keep things on track.

What positive results have you noticed in your life since you started putting the strategies of relationship mastery to work?

I have become more assured of who I am, my value and what I have to share with others. I am able to develop relationships as equals vs. a subordinate. The accountability structure of myGreenlight and learning to be candid with others has opened doors for me. In some of my business relationships it’s opened opportunities where people say to me “I like you, let’s do business together.”

I’ve tried to create an accountability circle for myself, but for people not as familiar with the concepts it can be challenging. One of my goals is to develop some way of integrating the accountability system into my processes.

Have there been any challenges in your life that you’ve been able to solve by applying the mindsets and process of relationship mastery?

In my personal realm, making commitments to my relationships has improved the quality of those relationships overall. In the business realm, understanding that I must apply the lessons of relationships learned at myGreenlight to develop new relationships are essential to accomplishing my goals and providing an income for my family. Already, the attention I am giving to these relationships has shown great potential for the coming year.

Parting words of wisdom…

Looking back, I waited to learn more before applying the lessons learned in myGreenlight. I find myself going back now and reapplying the concepts and missions learned to current events in my life. The application of those lessons is helping me become who I intended to become when I started the program. Finding accountability partners to hold you accountable allows you to see situations from a fresh perspective and protects you from going in the wrong direction. I still communicate with my original accountability partner, Tony Dale, from when I started the program. He has made himself available to provide accountability with a simple email or phone call. Tony was someone I was aware of from his activities in the church world, by participating as accountability partners, it has allowed us to develop a bond of friendship that will continue for many years to come.

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  1. Please contact me via phone I would love to share my experiences with non profits working with a center for Autistic children to get them into college and a center using animal therapy for troubled kids emotional or psychological
    Getting on their board


    Franklin Adams Hallock


    PS would like to hear from Keith possibly have asked to be contacted and I work with other motivational speakers and they always call if asked even for 5 min Again thanks I know he is busy

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