Color Me Intrigued

Companies are painting the walls in their offices more hues “to make their offices feel a little homier, or at least like a home office, and seek new ways to motivate employees,” according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

Ever wonder why call centers for customer complaints are generally painted green or blue? Soothing colors help service reps maintain their cool. On the other hand, quieter workplaces may want to add a pop of color to brighten up the environment and ambiance.

The four top picks for office spaces according to Behr Process Corporation are:

  1. Canvas Tan (light tan)
  2. Brandy (pink and brown mash-up)
  3. Ozone (grayish blue)
  4. Zen (sea-foam green)

These colors are noticeable enough to add some energy to the room and stimulate employees without reaching distracting levels of external stimuli.

What do you think about the colors of your workplace? Why do you think someone would pick a color called “ozone?”  What color works best for you?

Ritu Walia is an FG Analyst.

Comments (4)

  1. I believe the color orange evokes optimism, positivity and creativity. Last year my fiance got me an orange watch for Christmas and it has been an everyday reminder. It had such an affect on me I now use orange colored moleskin notebooks to record great ideas. For my taste I’d pick Orange as the color for creativity. Notice how many books or folks are using orange script or book cover right now. Think back to Never Eat Alone…..Now that was a great book cover color.

  2. Our office is a nice taupe color, better than the blue gray that is so common. Oddly enough I read that orange is a stress relieving color, so I change my computer desktop to photos with lots of orange-it works.

  3. I love my greyish blue in the office. It works for me as a neutral backdrop. Anything posted on the walls pops to this colour.

    Anyone changing colour should test for their lighting. Depending on the amount of sunlight, or artificial light type, the colour can change drastically. What is nice elsewhere can be depressing in the wrong space.


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