Relationship Roundup

In the Roundup this week, tips to strengthen your reputation and network on and offline and new tools for behavioral marketing.

Building a lucky network – We agree wholeheartedly with CueBall CEO Anthony K. Tjan on what it takes to build a lucky network, “vulnerability, authenticity, generosity, and openness.” Read his perspective on how to create luck for your business ventures in his Harvard Business Review blog here:

Candor is positive conflict – Conflict is an unavoidable reality, thus getting good at using it to you and your teams’ advantage should be high on the priority list. Cambridge Professor and author Mark de Rond shares how to get comfortable with team conflict. Watch his Harvard Business Review video blog here:

Being authentic on Pinterest – Jump on the social media bandwagon with care. Know the nuances of the platforms culture and play within the community standards to make the best impression. Learn how to make Pinterest work for you in this Fast Company article:

Building your online reputation – Today, relationship management requires paying attention to one’s online reputation. Learn the fine skills of keeping your online presence up to par in this CBS Money Watch article here:

Trending – Looking to decode the wealth of data held in smartphones to identify patterns of behavior across society? Behavio is working on the magic key to unlock the treasure trove of individual, community, and societal communication and behavior patterns. Read about it here:

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Director.

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