Presidential Email Strategies

There’s no avoiding the fact that it’s an election year. You get bombarded just flipping through the channels, stopping by a newsstand, or even checking your email and favorite sites. In every way possible, election year is upon us.

Personally, I get emails from candidates straight into my inbox. It’s one way of keeping up with important national events and getting news from the campaign trail. It’s interesting to see how many myGreenlight values play into the communication strategies of the presidential candidates.

This recent Mashable article compares emails from the Obama and Romney campaigns. One of our core mindsets is a point of contention. Our approach presumes candidates would want to create a level of intimacy with the people on their mailing list. President Obama tries to generate this intimacy with the use of the receiver’s first name in emails, at a 98 percent rate. In contrast, Senator Romney uses first names only 8.5 percent of the time.

The candidates agree on the need for candor, tell it like they see it, and make direct calls to action to their email base. This way the receiver of the email can act (or not) on an open and clear request.

What do you think of the email communication strategies in the presidential race? What do you think is most effective?

Ritu Walia is an FG Analyst.

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