Jeffrey Pfeffer: Get Comfortable with Standing Out or You Never Will

Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer is the author of 13 books.  He discussed his most recent, Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don’t during a Social Capitalist interview.

So I look at folks. I think the average human being, not everybody, but the average human being, is too concerned about what other people think. They are too worried about standing out. They’re too worried about asking for favors because they’re worried about what other people would think about them and they’re worried about being too bold.

In a world in which most people are not bold enough, I’m pushing them to be bolder and to stand out a little bit more and to take more risk. In a world in which most people are too risk-averse with respect to their careers, and particularly, early in their careers, having them take more risk, to learn more and to do things a little bit different, I think will push them in the right direction.

Can you go too far? Absolutely, absolutely. And so this is all about finding and tapping medium.

How do you show that you are bold and assert power? Read the rest of the interview for more insights on power – who has it, and how to get more.

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