Heidi Roizen: To Build Real Relationships, Be Real

When you read the description of Heidi Roizen as a “legendary networker”, your first image might be someone with a stack of business cards, doling them out and shaking hands.

You would be wrong.

One of the key reasons that Heidi has had success in networking is because she genuinely cares about other people and builds real relationships with them.  And after you read this, you will also want to be one of her friends, even if only to get on her Christmas card list.

Heidi says:

“When I read somebody just shipped their product, or somebody just got a promotion, or somebody just had a baby, a little “attaboy” goes a long way in maintaining the relationship. People like to know that you’re thinking about them and that you notice when something happens to them, whether it’s good or bad. If someone experiences a death in their family, sending them an actual hand-written card is a really nice thing to do. It’s a human gesture. People appreciate that. And I don’t do it because I’m trying to manipulate. I do it because I think it’s the right thing to do as someone who cares about other people. But these things help.

I think it also helps to have a little bit of a sense of humor. One of the things I do is an annual newsletter. It’s kind of funny and my goal is to actually make it funny. I don’t write about what grades my kids got. In fact, my kids once said to me when they were little, “How come the other newsletters talk about how great the kids are and how they got A’s and how they were number one on their basketball team, and you highlight the dumbest things we say each year?”

Write your own newsletters, kids.

It’s because I felt like part of the fun of doing something like that, particularly if I send it to a wide audience, is that it has to be kind of funny. You have to have some humor in how you present your life. I think that’s a way of trying to keep a personal connection with other people, even with people I may not see for a year. At least, I know I’m doing that one thing where they can have a little funny personal slice of my life.”

Read the full transcript or listen to the audio recording of Heidi’s Social Capitalist Interview to learn more of her tips on building relationships that support success: click here.

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