Why Christine Comaford Says You Should Approach Your Next Contact Palm-Up

Christine Comaford is an entrepreneur, author, and consultant. In her Social Capitalist Live Event interview she said that she has been through at least 11 reinventions of herself. Here she shares some of her best advice about building relationships based on generosity.

Christine says:

“The number one thing is networking palm up. What most people do is palm-down networking. “What can I get?” They go to a cocktail party, they’re trying to grab stuff. That’s palm down. Palm-up networking is finding out what somebody needs and helping them get it. You’re going to get yours later, the universe has a perfect accounting system. So if people simply change their networking approach to be palm up, you walk around at a cocktail party, you ask what business they’re in: “Wow, that’s cool, how did you get into that business?” Everybody has a great story as to how they’ve gotten into their business. “Wow, what’s your ideal client?” “Oh, I might know some of those guys. I’ll follow up with you next Tuesday.”

And now we did two things. We did palm-up networking and we showed that we want to build relationships. We know that we’re going to get later, we’re going to give first. And the second thing is that we started to forge in that person’s mind that we follow through. We make our brand equal to results and we use palm-up networking. Those two things alone will endear you to so many people and really propel your career.”

For more great insights, read the rest of Christine’s interview here: Social Capitalist – Christine Comaford. Click here for the audio recording.

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