Relationship Roundup

In the Roundup this week, more strategies and skills to facilitate great leadership and better relationships in your network.

Superhero teamwork – Good team work requires respecting each individual team member’s unique “super powers”. Read the fine art of managing super teams in this article from Thought Leaders, LLC here:

Leadership is not a popularity contest – Popularity and strong leadership have some similar outcomes, but being popular is not a requirement for effective leadership. Leadership trainer, Kevin Eikenberry evaluates popularity can affect your leadership goals. Read his blog here:

How intimacy can improve organizational dysfunction – Intimacy implies closing the gap between you and another person. Within an organization that gap can mean how close and quickly pertinent communication reaches employees. Read this Harvard Business Review blog to learn more about the benefits of organizational intimacy:

The perks of snail mail – As the saying goes, “what’s old is new again.” With so much online clutter, a well thought out “snail mail” delivery can be used in strategic ways to offer generosity, build credibility, and intimacy with your network. Read the CBS MoneyWatch article to learn effective ways to reach your network:

Just listen – Of all the nonverbal skills that lend to great communication, listening takes the lead. Yet, we all either interact with others who don’t do it well or violate the golden rules of attention ourselves. Read this CBS MoneyWatch article to refresh your skill set:

 Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Director.

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