Heidi Roizen: Getting the Door Slammed in Your Face Means You are Doing it Right

In the investment world there is an accepted relationship between risk and return. In order to get a big return, you generally have to accept a significant level of risk. In her Social Capitalist interview, legendary networker Heidi Roizen shared her thoughts on the relationship between risk and return in relationships – and why, if doors aren’t getting slammed in your face from time to time, you probably aren’t risking enough.

Heidi says:

“I think you have to have a certain amount of tenacity and belief in yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish. Sometimes it takes a while to get other people on the same page with you. Sometimes, they’re never going to get on the same page. I think there’s a fine line between appropriate persistence to just beating a dead horse and becoming an annoying presence to the other person. Again I think you have to have the approach of asking yourself, What’s in it for them?

When you approach someone, sometimes there are clear “no’s,” but sometimes there are people who are a little skeptical and maybe need to be convinced. Maybe you need to do more homework…Sometimes there’s a longer process to building relationships and getting people on the same page with you.

You also have to recognize that sometimes it doesn’t work. This is another thing that we talked about a lot in Silicon Valley: You have to be willing to fail. You have to be willing to fail. If you don’t risk and you don’t occasionally fail, then you aren’t risking enough. That’s a good thing to remember because when you come home and somebody just shut the door in your face, or told you they were not interested, or your product was stupid, remember that doing the kind of things that entrepreneurs do, requires that once in a while you actually have to have someone shut the door in your face. It’s a part of the road that you’re on. You can’t take it personally.”

The Social Capitalist Interview with Heidi is full of tactics and tip that you can use immediately, read the full transcript and listen to the audio recording for more: click here.

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