Creating a Work Culture that Gets Things Done

Creating effective company culture is a core focus of Ferrazzi Greenlight, so Keith and the team at FG were very interested to hear how LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman, our recent Social Capitalist guest, ensures that his team is aligned, friendly, and efficient.

Here were a few things Reid mentioned as being important to a culture at LinkedIn that gets things done:

  1. Spend your time on customers, not internal dialogue: “Stay focused on the classic stuff—on getting the work done, on customers, and so forth, and not get overly distracted by internal meetings, internal dialogue, where your primary universe is very naturally all of you talking to each other, as opposed to what you’re doing in the world…things for customers, projects you’re launching, these sort of things.
  2. Keep emails short and to the point: “One of the things that I’ve seen in every Silicon Valley culture I’ve been part of is longer and longer email threads, where people spend all this time hammering the stuff out through email threads. It’s like, how do you keep all that as compact as possible in order to proceed? So one of the things that we started very early is to say, well, look, if you feel like you need to participate, try to participate as focused and brief as possible. So we respond with this ‘+1,’ to show you agree with what was just said. Just that, +1. Or I say, ‘this is for discussion,’ and then I actually use emoticons a lot of times, like a smiley face, so it’s not ‘THIS IS FOR DISCUSSION,’ it’s ‘this is for discussion :),’ saying, look, we’ll get to it.”
  3. Hold standing-room-only meetings, and create separate time for idea generation: “…Leave aside an hour or two of discussion on innovation, for ‘Let’s talk about the landscape and what’s going on. Let’s talk about technology trends,’ where, yes, the outputs are ideas…. But then the rest of the time, we’re focused on time and efficiency of getting things done.”

To read or listen to the entire Social Capitalist interview with Reid, click here for the downloads.

For discussion: How do you keep yourself or your team on task, and still leave room for exploration?

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