Contact Management Tool Review: Contactually

As you may know, I’m working my way through trying out all the new smart contact managers. As someone who is considering a client services business (more on that soon!) the need to button up the data management side of my network and relationships is becoming ever more pressing.

This week’s trial: Contactually, recommended to me by Get Storied’s Michael Margolis.

Contactually immediately made me happy with two features I’ve been looking for and haven’t found elsewhere:

  • pinging reminders based on groups (‘buckets’)
  • drag-and-drop contacts to groups

I wish you could put someone into more than two buckets, although Michael immediately had this counterargument when I complained: It can be good to be forced to keep things simple. Still, I really enjoy the easy and flexible tagging system in the competitor product Connected. Something about their UI makes everything feel so organized and easy. Contactually does more, which is theoretically good, but it makes the dashboard there a lot more cluttered.

Another great Contactually feature is that they’re dealing head on with the problem that all these “intelligent” systems have: How to get the user to take the time to input enough data to make it work. Their solution: Make it a game. The system also pushes requests for data (asking you to bucket people) through email, and makes it pretty easy to input the requests from within your Inbox. Super smart.

Worth noting: Contactually is the first system that has suggested that I ping people who, it turns out, I really should ping. Not with 100% accuracy, but maybe 10-20 percent. Progress!

I’m going to use both for a while and see if a winner emerges.

Sara Grace is myGreenlight’s Program Director.

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  1. It’s remarkable to pay a visit this site and reading the views of all friends regarding this article, while I am also eager of getting know-how.|

  2. Contactually’s software makes it simple to stay engaged with every part of your network. You simply categorize your key contacts into Buckets , and your Contactually account will take care of the rest. That means no more worrying about who to follow-up with today, how any prior interactions went, or what to say to break the ice.

  3. DO NOT TRUST CONTACTUALLY WITH YOUR DATA. Their cloud software is buggy and they have lost a significant number of my contacts that were stored in their online database. Additionally I have lost the ability to filter and sort my contacts by tags which is a key feature of Contactually. Because I can no longer pull tagged lists of my prospects, leads and clients, I am unable to keep my sales pipeline going. As any salesperson knows, this is the lifeblood of a company.

    I contacted Contactually to report the issue and let them know that this bug was preventing me from selling my product. Their response “Admittedly, you are one of the first users to report this problem, which means we don’t have an estimated timeline for resolution. As more users report this issue, we’ll be able to identify consistencies and identify where the issue originates. This will then allow us to develop and deploy a fix. We will definitely get in touch with you on any progress that we make. ”

    That’s great and all, but does Contactually expect me to pay $49.99/mo and wait around until some undetermined date when they fix the bug? While my company dies a slow death of lost sales because their software doesn’t work?
    A CRM is an essential core system of any company. If it’s broken it needs to be fixed quickly. Contactually’s attitude proves that their company and their software is not ready for prime time.

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  5. Hey Sara,
    Thanks for your kind words about Contactually! We’ve been working hard over the past year to help individuals and companies leverage the social capital they have and maximize their relationships.

    A few points of clarification for your excellent article -

    * We limit you to put a contact in one bucket at a time. It may be hard to swallow at first, but when you think about a particular relationship, there is usually one predominant category. I may have a client who I’m friends with, it’s likely more important that I identify and treat them as a client. But, if you want to label contacts with additional tags, we do have tagging built in, just like Connected.

    * You’re completely right that a major feature of ours is the ability to proactively tell you each morning who you should be following up with. It starts out that usually at least one of the suggestions is useful, but as you bucket more contacts, and Contactually learns more about your contacts and relationships, it improves very fast. Most of our users find that after two weeks of using Contactually, nearly 95-100% of our recommendations are valuable!


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