Company Cultchah: Habit Labs

Recently I highlighted to-do managing app Asana’s list of Company Values. This week I ran across another company with a great list.

Habit Labs is devoted to “writing the code for human behavioral change” – literally. They build apps designed to (so far) help people adopt new habits, achieve goals, and empty their email inboxes.

HL has an entire page devoted to their Company Axioms, part of which covers 8 Core Values:

  1. Believe, or leave
  2. Everyone gets true autonomy
  3. Create opportunities for everyone to do their best work, every day
  4. Show people how they are making an impact
  5. Encourage everyone to do what they love
  6. Always tell the truth, always demand the truth
  7. Be as open and transparent as possible, yet respect the privacy of others
  8. 100% in it to win it.

Reading the page tells you as much about their company culture – fun, cerebral,  philosophical, geeky – as the axioms themselves.

Next up, I need to try out their apps. will be first – it pushes you daily reminders to stick to your desired behavioral changes. I’m joining the “Floss Your Teeth” team. Join me?

Sara Grace is myGreenlight’s Program Director.

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