The Greenlight Highlight: How a Social Media Strategist Uses Relationship Mastery to be Systematic and Authentic

Anita Windisman
Toronto, Canada
Greenlight Member Since: December 2011

Elevator Pitch: Social media strategist & consultant. Helping you grow your professional practice or customer base by mastering LinkedIn.

What experience in your past was the moment you recognized how important relationships are to your success?

I’ve always been a connector and a networker and didn’t realize the full impact of that skill. I network naturally and being the hub and knowing what’s going on has always been a part of who I am. I value relationships. My network goes back to grade school. Loyalty is what I’m about.

What’s the coolest things you’re working on at home or at work right now?

Professionally I just launched my third public LinkedIn workshop. I love offering my services to small businesses and freelancers. On the other end of the spectrum I love working with very senior executives helping them showcase their expertise on LinkedIn. Both audiences need LinkedIn, but the reasons for doing so are different. I address the individual and the executive with the same tools, but in different ways.

What relationship building skills and strategies are you applying to the project you just told us about?

I’m more conscious of recognizing my clients, thanking them more, asking for their help or how I can be helpful to them. I’m more conscious of being generous and asking for what I need. It’s such a simple thing to ask, but it eludes me at times and this training has helped me get more comfortable with asking.

What’s your most effective relationship action planning routine? The one you renew and repeat with the most success?

I send physical cards. Sending an email and making a phone call serve their purpose. There is something about getting a physical card in the mail that is surprising and delightful. I use an online service for sending cards and people generally seem to take notice, call, and thank me when they are received.

What positive results have you noticed in your life since you started putting the strategies of relationship mastery to work?

Getting closer with people that I hadn’t been speaking to on a regular basis and recognizing those that are helping me the most. It has made me more mindful of reaching out to both.

Are there any successes from the myGreenlight program that you can quantify, specific to either your business/revenue or your network?

It’s been invaluable. My business has always come to me, but now I’m more present about nurturing the client leads that eventually result in down the line connections and business flow.

Has there been any challenges in your life that you’ve been able to solve by applying the mindsets and process of relationship mastery?

There was one mission that happened very early and I used it to repair a relationship. On LinkedIn you can see who views your profile and I noticed a challenged relationship from the past had viewed my profile. It was someone that I had to lay off in the past and I always felt bad about it. I contacted her to say “Karma got me too, I also experienced a lay off – I’m sorry about what happened between us in the past.” She got back to me right away and apologized for being cranky back in the day and expressed empathy for my situation. Had that mission not shown up, I wouldn’t have considered doing that and it was an amazing success. Our relationship is now back on track.

Anita’s community take-a-way.

MyGreenlight systematizes the process of networking so you are always aware of the types of people you should be networking with and for someone like me who’s networking was random, it really shows how you can be systematic, yet still authentic, and real. Use it to your advantage.

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