Relationship Roundup

In the roundup this week, an in-depth look at quick wins, what we can learn from bad behavior, the softer side of power, the value of youth in your network, and creative first impressions.

Quick wins – At myGreenlight we fully support the concept of quick wins on the way to big audacious goals. Read one Harvard Business Review blogger’s view on their benefits here:

Anti-relationship lessons – A view from the other side of the street is always a good way to heighten our perception and understanding. In this SmartBrief Blog, a few behaviors that will guarantee you won’t be #1 on anyone’s relationship list. Read more here:

The softer side of power – The concept of what makes someone powerful is shifting. In this recap of Harvard Professor Joseph Nye’s new book, The Future of Power, there are three lessons on the softer side of power and how to apply them. Read Scott Eblin’s blog here:

The importance of diverse relationships – Part of having a robust network is diversity. In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of your diversity pool should be age range. While the seasoned have much wisdom and experience to share, the young have serious advantages that you soon find yourself relying on. Read Daniel Gulati’s Harvard Business Review blog on his point of view here:

Expressions in espresso – Imagine hosting an event or sending a new acquaintance a message in a mug of espresso. Since I’m always looking for a new way to make a great impression, this new foam text message technology caught my full attention. Read about it here:

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Director.

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