Joe Navarro: A Big Sign of How Well Your Presentation is Going

As one of the original founding members of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program, Joe Navarro mastered the ability to read nonverbal body language. When he retired in 2003, he discovered his expertise and skills could be taught, to benefit everyone from professional poker players to executives who wanted an extra edge. Since then, he has authored numerous books, including the classic What Every BODY Is Saying.

Here, a brief excerpt from Joe’s Social Capitalist interview with Tahl Raz. What’s the first clue that you have lost your audience?

Go to any conference where the students, the workers, executives, whoever, don’t like the speaker, and all of a sudden you’ll see that they begin to put an object on top of themselves—a briefcase, a purse, a laptop. But when they’re in the presence of somebody that they enjoy, they begin to unveil themselves by getting rid of these objects. So, there’s lots of behaviors that show, I’m really interested, I’d like to get to know you more, I’d like to get closer to you, and so forth. And a lot of that has to do with we begin to show features of comfort in our forehead, our eyes, our face, and so forth.

So during a presentation, keep an eye on the audience to see if they begin to unveil themselves and settle into the topic. For more great insights on nonverbal cues, read the entire Social Capitalist transcript: Social Capitalist – Joe Navarro. Click here for the audio recording.

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