Asana: An Easy to Use, Collaborative Task Manager

There’s a new(ish) task-management collaboration tool getting some hype. I signed up. So far, I like it.

It’s called Asana and The New York Times just ran two articles about it, a long, reported one here and a shorter item here.

It’s a “souped-up to do list,” per the Times. The company’s own copy says it is “the single place to quickly capture, organize, track, and communicate everything you and your team are working on….Asana will help your team stay connected, move faster, and get more done.” Founder Dustin Moskovitz, a Facebook alum, says it’s more focused on productive workflow than Yammer. It’s true that Asana is built for tasks, tasks, tasks, and discussion about tasks. But that means it’s not as relationship-oriented, which can be as important to office productivity as administrative factors.

That said, I like the idea of a social tool focused on task items. Two other immediate wins: the ease of use, and the fact that it can easily manage multiple projects, across multiple companies and work groups, within one account. That makes it a terrific tool for creative free agents juggling client work.

At myGreenlight, we use Basecamp for project management. Asana doesn’t replace it yet. For example, there’s no built-in calendar view, and all of its file management and communication between users is linked to specific tasks, not to projects. But Basecamp is optimized at the project level, not the task workflow level; I’ve never liked using its “to do” feature, and I don’t think anyone on our team has been consistently successful at using it that way. That makes Asana a welcome addition.

One note for users who sign up through their Google account: You’ll need to create an Asana password if you want to add multiple emails to your account. Do it by clicking “Forgot password” on the login screen.

I invited my team – the true test will be whether they voluntarily adopt it.

What about you: Have you tried Asana? Will you? Are you using a tool that you love for individual or group task management?

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  1. Any news with Asana?
    We have the same tool now: Basecamp. We work and communicate with our clients with basecamp. I think and my team to the same “feeling” with the to-do but we need to-do´s for imput times in the proyects because we neet to send reports to clients.

    Do you have Asana working with your team and clients?

    Best regards!

    Santiago from Argentina

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