Win a Year of myGreenlight – Scholarship Contest

We want everyone to have access to amazing relational capital, so today we kick off our second scholarship contest. The winner will receive a FREE one-year unlimited membership to myGreenlight.

This prize, worth $699 (!), includes unlimited access to all of myGreenlight’s resources.

  • 3-course core curriculum
  • Field-tested Relationship Action Planning tool
  • 15+ hours of webinars and masterclasses, on everything from presentation skills to body language to social media branding
  • Multimedia Coaching Resource Center
  • Hundreds of samples, templates, and articles on-demand
  • Weekly newsletter to help sustain progress
  • Monthly live Social Capitalist Event with leading business thought leaders
  • Access to our alumni directory
  • Moderated community forums
  • Lifeline Group Recruiting and Accountability tool
PLUS the winner will receive all 3 of our Kickstart Bonus Courses
  • Five Steps to Relational Capital that Closes the Deal
  • Career Advancement: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Entrepreneur’s Launch Kit

Each BONUS package includes an easy-to-implement action sequence with myGreenlight support materials – rocket fuel as you build your tailored network to make your dreams reality.

To win – submit your entry in the comments below. Tell us about your biggest relationship or networking-related challenge and what you will achieve with the relationship skills you develop during the course. The most compelling response (as judged by Community Manager Kibibi Springs and Program Director Sara Grace) will receive the scholarship.

What would YOU do if you could build the relationships that wouldn’t let you fail?  Tell us!

Entries must be received by April 6th at 5PM Eastern Time.  Good luck!

For more information about myGreenlight, including access to our Spring Special deal ($200 off of the regular price) - click here.  If you enroll and then win the scholarship, your tuition will be refunded in full – so don’t wait!

Comments (13)

  1. A year ago I began an incredible and unpredictable journey toward starting a new school in my area. With no education background I took on this grassroots project because I truly believe we need to fundamentally change how we educate our children. As I continue to immerse myself into this education project I realize I need a much larger network to make this possible.

    Since discovering Ferrazzi’s ‘Never Eat Alone’ I knew I wanted to be a part of this program. I believe this program will help me to hone in on the best mentors but also assist me in making the key relationships to insure that this education project receives the full support of the community. With this program I know that I will be able to successfully implement the lessons learned immediately and get this school open next year.

  2. My biggest relationship / networking challenge is learning how to seek help from others – I have a tendency to “go it alone”. My head tells me that I cannot do things all by myself and even if I could the end result would be better if I sought help from others along the way. But there’s a big disconnect between what I know and what I do. Friends and acquaintances who have reached out would describe me as being very generous with helping them. It is ironic that I’m very willing to help others but find it difficult to reach out and seek help myself.

    For over a year now I’ve been in transition from an old career to a new one. My new career focuses largely on the not-for-profit sector and my dream is to do my small part in helping the world be a better place. However, a lot of this is uncharted territory for me and there are many potential paths I could pursue. Right now I would describe myself as being somewhat stuck – trying to figure out which paths to pursue and how to do so, mostly on my own. It would be tremendously helpful to have a support network I can call upon to assist with my journey.

    I realize that developing trusted relationships takes time and effort. It will also require overcoming the barriers that have hindered my reaching out to others for help. My hope is that myGreenlight will provide the knowledge and skills to help me form a strong network of mutually-supportive relationships. While these relationships will help with my professional career, they can also help my growth as a person. And myGreenlight would be the catalyst that sparks this growth.

  3. I have been a nonprofit manager and consultant for more than 30 years. I am currently employed as Executive Director of a local arts council, that like many nonprofit institutions these days are being challenged by the ongoing recession. Because nonprofits generally exist on the discretionary funds of others, the longevity of sustained operations comes into question if effective relationships we hold with donors, local business, board members, audiences, volunteers and staff is not maximized when funds are tight, perhaps for several years running. We not only have to provide cultural services to a community that are important to the overall quality of life in our society, we also need to be able to have that truth perceived as such through the relationships we maintain almost daily with every supporter of our cause. This requires a strength of relationship that allows supporters to commit and trust providing financial contributions that sustain us. During hard economic times, people are more aware of their personal and professional priorities to insure their own shelter, food and security. However, the need to support a broader community is frequently lost when times are tight, and community-based nonprofits frequently suffer because they have not properly instilled this sense of commitment and support through their community relationships. Therefore, building and maintaining relationships with a core constituency is paramount to our survival as a nonprofit entity. As the leader of this institution, I have to look beyond simply providing cultural services to the community and must work to find improved ways to connect personally with our citizens, creating partnerships that approach community problems collectively, and that build up all of us towards living and working in our community together. Our city has been one of the hardest hit in the nation, and remains off balance in trying to redefine its purpose and direction towards recovery. This nonprofit and its staff are in a position where we can serve a catalytic role in rejuvenating this community’s soul through cultural awareness and deeper relationships that support us all. This program provides a critical opportunity to provide us with the tools and skills from the board down through the staff to better achieve this goal. In fact, it could provide a model for how the national nonprofit community can reorganize itself to a new economic reality.

  4. There are 3 areas in which I am faced with a relationship/networking challenge.

    Firstly, as a Resident Assistant on campus, I recently encountered a dilemma in which where I draw the line between friendship and leader. Keith had mentioned how he like to break down walls between colleagues and “be-friend” them at work to improve communication and break down walls, however this week I was faced with a challenge as to how fine the line can be between a mentor and a mentee. I would absolutely use the Relationship Action Planning tool to pan out what can be effective as a leader to my residents.

    Secondly, as I am nearing my graduation (in Dec 2012), I have already been networking with alums from my school, my colleagues at my current internship, faculty members and friends. In fact, what got me my internship was the fact I knew an administrator well and he recommended me. Further, my current boss at my internship liked the job I did and his boss was looking for an intern, so my current boss recommended me to his boss who recently interviewed me and offered me the summer internship. All these could not have happened without me realizing the importance of networking through Keith’s 2 books. But it doesn’t stop here. I am still eager to network and see what is out there for me. I have been connected the dots for others as well and recommending capable peers to my boss to hire them for the summer. I want to wholly hone my networking skills with my membership with myGreenlight and make full use of the resources given to me in the year.

    And lastly, I just want to deepen my relationship with the people I know right now. I want to exuberate genuineness and candor with the people I meet. Though sometimes, my ability of opening up really fast have not been an advantage, I don’t think I want to change much about that characteristic, but I want to continue to be real and honest.

    So that is 3 of my relationship challenges I want to overcome and with the help of this program, I believe I will better improve my skills.


  5. In your book ”who’s got your back” you’ve mentioned the steps to take on creating the right circle of best 5. I find that winning this opportunity will help me to achieve this. My career which is slowly taking a positive step towards project management sometimes seem unachievable. I will complete a certificate in project management soon but do not feel I have built the right network or done the branding necessary to secure a letter job. My current network does not seem supportive or seems mismatvhed and I feel I need a complete overhaul of my circle professionally and socially.

    I don’t have the finances necessary and this scholarship could change my life tremendously.

    Thank you for considering.

  6. Biggest relationship challenge is me. I’d rather work with my numbers, spread sheets and code snippets than talk to people, even on the phone. Now I’m only about two years short of being able to collect full Social Security benefits and I know I’ll drive my wife bonkers – and she knows it too. I’m starting to write fiction and know I’ll need to do promoting etc. if I want to sell more than one or two books to my family. Getting a late start so I need all the help I can get with relationship building.

  7. As a 30+ year employee of a major corporation, I am working with virtual relationship and looking for ways to maximize them. Looking to the future, social networks are my focus for the next phase of my life – how to maximize them for the sake of my son’s music career, how to use the knowledge to help fledgling companies and promote charitable causes. I take in your inspiration daily, Tony, and look forward to full immersion with the Greenlight Program!!

  8. My biggest relationship challenges are currently on the horizon. As a mathematics major in college, my time has been devoted to extensive problem sets, complicated proofs, and limited human interaction. Success in mathematics has been directly related to the solitary time spent in the library understanding theorems and difficult material in a textbook. The real world gave me a wake-up call this fall as I examined my post-undergraduate options. With a limited support network, I struggled to explore options beyond a PhD in Mathematics (which was no longer appealing) and to apply my current skills in a meaningful way. Keith’s Never Eat Alone made me realize the importance of reaching out to others and how a supportive/diverse group of individuals might have been mutually beneficial.

    Fortunately, I have the option to begin a 1-year research position at a major higher institution on the west coast prior to reexamining graduate school programs. The relationship skills developed during the myGreenlight course will be immensely helpful in connecting with faculty members, other researchers, coworkers, and other students in my new position. In the long-term, stronger relationship skills will be critical in communicating and helping others understand mathematical concepts. The myGreenlight course will expedite this process in reaching out to others so that I can make the most of this research position and begin the groundwork for lifelong relationships with others. Real impact will come from people and organizations, not from a textbook.

  9. One of my biggest relationship challenge is with my parents. I don’t have the strongest relationship with either mom or dad and now that I have a newborn I realize the importance of strengthening my relationships with them so that my little one will have a better relationship with grandparents. I’m hoping to rebuild these relationships and be able to add depth to our conversations to share and learn more about each other.

    My other relationship challenge is in my professional life. I’m in a position with a lot of potential for growth in an industry that is both changing very quickly and prides itself on the relationships with in. I’m currently in contact with our outside vendors, but want to make sure I am able to make those relationships as strong as possible as well as develop/cultivate new relationships from conferences.

    As a self proclaimed introvert, I’ve been fortunate to have developed a few very strong professional relationships, but I always chalked them up to luck or divine intervention and I know there is a better way to develop and manage relationships.

    In both scenarios above, I find it fairly easy to start “shallow” relationships, but I know the course will help turn conversations about the weather into something deeper and more personal.

  10. I moved to a new city for a new job about a month ago. I am about 13 hours away from anyone in my old network (friends, family, business, etc.), and now I am starting from scratch. I am all for new beginnings, but there is a lot of weight currently on my shoulders to make sure it works. Access to MyGreenlight would go a long way on my journey to building relationships in my new city, and adding value and fun to my new adventure. I’m excited about what this opportunity could mean for the impact I could have, and the difference I could make on this city. This scholarship would make a world of difference as I discover what it means to truly start over.

  11. As an educator this scholarship would be wonderful due to limited financial resources. I am currently a 31 year old Assistant Principal for a large Metro Atlanta school district. My career was jump started when I reached out to a mentor after reading “Never Eat Alone”. He has become not only a mentor, but also my best friend. My goal is to become the Superintendent of a large school district and to make a difference. I believe that students need an education that focuses on creativity and relationships to succeed in an unpredictable future. I believe success in relationships is the key to leaving the world a better place.

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