Cool New Apps to Fuel Your Job Hunt

One of the places where past investments in social capital pay back major dividends is when you are in the market for a new job. Having an inside connection at any company can up your chances of finding out about new opportunities early, and making sure your credentials get in front of the right people. Luckily, there are an array of tools emerging to make the entire process more efficient, and yes, even enjoyable.

You are probably already familiar with the ways that LinkedIn can help uncover connections you didn’t even realize existed. Whether you find job postings right on the LinkedIn site or elsewhere, a quick search to see if you have someone on the inside at your dream company should be part of your application process.

To take your LinkedIn profile to the next level, check out Re.Vu - a cool way to create a visually appealing storyboard of your past experience. To see what I mean, check out my Re.Vu page. Their site pulls your history from the LinkedIn site and gives you lots of options to add more information to flesh out and portray your past in an engaging way. My favorite part? The time graph of employment history – my past has never seemed so exciting. Sharing your Re.Vu site is more efficient than carrying around paper resumes and easy for friends to pass along on your behalf.

If you are deep in the middle of searching for your next opportunity, keeping track of posted positions and where you are in the process with each can result in an overwhelming pile of Post-its or a makeshift spreadsheet created on-the-fly in an attempt to maintain order. Huntsy gives you a Pinterest-simple way to keep all of those details in one easy-to-access spot. Add the Huntsy button (a cute little owl) to your browser toolbar and when you find an interesting job, one click will load the details into the Huntsy site. A dashboard keeps all of your current opportunities in view and reminds you of the next steps. There’s even a place to track your contacts at the company and your correspondence with them. Plus, Huntsy tells you what a great job you are doing – like a supportive assistant should.

All of the tools in the world don’t replace the value of a lunch with a wise friend who can help brainstorm opportunities, but with the help of these new ones you can spend less time organizing your search and more time on the face-to-face work that will really make a difference.

Happy hunting!

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