Contact Management Report: Connected

A report from the wild, wonderful world of contact management. Right now I’m working with Connected (, acquired a while back by LinkedIn) and though it’s not as feature rich or “smart” as another contact manager that I have high hopes for, Graphight, it’s super easy to use and does have bonus features that work well to deploy myGreenlight contact management recs. I like it. I like it a lot.


  • Evernote integration, hurrah! Awesomely easy way to take down notes at, say, a cocktail party, and get those notes matched to contacts in your address book.
  • There’s a tool to identify super connectors using the “who introduced me” feature in each contact entry – this is important, since identifying and hanging out with super connectors is an important way to keep opportunity and information flowing through your network.
  • Pinging tool: For each contact, you can be reminded to reach out at whatever frequency you request. Now, here’s my feature request: Reminders to ping a tagged group (rather than an individual) with a certain frequency. Not that you’d ping them all at once or with the same message, but so that you’d be prompted to visit the tagged list and consider with whom it’s a good moment for a generous outreach.
  • On Connected’s blog, they offer a worksheet to help you define your “Relationship Management Objective” – this is no replacement for myGreenlight’s Relationship Action Plan, but it is a cool, quick tool to think through your “relationship objectives”: which audiences you’re looking to communicate with, why, what message you want to send, and how you want to send it.

For a quick exercise to get yourself started with Connected, I suggest:

  1. Sucking in data from every communication tool you use.
  2. Tagging your “Top 25″ associated with your current work goals.
  3. Filtering by the “Top 25″ tag.
  4. Adding a pinging frequency for each contact in the Top 25.
  5. Fleshing out their entry as much as you can.
  6. Finally, identifying who introduced you (where relevant), and taking a look at the “Introductions” app accessible on the navbar. Ping your top connectors – they’re helping you out, so flow some gratitude their way!

Please share all contact management experiences, tips, and wish lists with me here! Help me find or hack the Grail!

Sara Grace is myGreenlight’s Program Director.

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  1. Hi Sara, thanks for helping us all to think clearly about the relationships we’re blessed to have. Business, social and personal relationships are huge for each of us. ConnectedHQ seems amazing but also risky. Any word on the security behind it? In this day of spammers and scammers and id thieves (oh, my); that’s a real concern. Thanks for your blog.

  2. Sara, great post! I’m sure lotsa people will benefit from sites like Connected. I’m using Highrise. And one of your feature requests can be done in Highrise. Basically, its a hack.

    You tag all the contacts that you would like to ping say “Ping 1W” for all weekly pings, do another tag for “Ping 1M” for monthly or as often as you want. You can then use the task feature of Highrise to set a reminder to check on the Ping1W.

    However as you said, you might not be contacting everyone at the same time. What I do in this case is whenever I meet contact someone (say for the first time), there is a feature in Highrise to put reminders, I like to put a monthly reminder on the anniversary of our meeting the first time.

    This also let’s me open up the conversation some time, that we met up last month… and would like to meet up again. I slowly increase the frequency if I want to establish a stronger relationship.

    • Thanks for commenting Jose! People have mentioned Highrise to me – I want to try it but I’m starting to tire of starting over and over again! :) Must. Do. It. For. Science!!

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