Relationship Roundup

This week’s roundup includes further proof that nice is a quality that can get you far, being human is the wave of the future, and gaining greater trust and intimacy in our relationships with ourselves and others requires some flexibility. Dive in!

A self-professed jerk changes his tune – Let’s face it. There’s a bit of a jerk in all of us even if it is buried deep inside or confined to our thoughts. No one can cast any stones and the “be nice” debate will go on. However, the shifting tides say the nice guy may not finish last after all. Read the CBS Money Watch article here

Flaws and all – It seems the relationship between consumers and brands has reached a moment of truth. Trendspotting’s dedicated an entire report to it, but generously gives enough of the facts here to get you thinking

Important message to the dream chasers – I think Daniel Gulati’s new book Passion & Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders is a great message for all the generations to consider as they strive towards their ultimate goals. Read about his studies that support dream diversification as a means of reaching an even greater sense of life purpose. Read the HBR Blog post here

Dialing up your social media intimacy – You’re doing all the right things, but are you doing them at the right time? This Viral Blog article by Neil Draper gives some clues to optimize your social media relationships. Read it here

Changing the management relationship – The days are hopefully numbered on the need to physically be in each other’s presence in order to trust that work is being done. Trust as we know is the cornerstone of any good relationship. Read how far trust might go in changing the landscape of our working relationships and our quality of life in this HBR blog post by Tony Schwartz

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Director.

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  1. Thanks Kibibi !

    I agree with the points in Tony’s article but not everyone thrives in a virtual environment. I manage virtual employees and screening new hires is one of the keys to hiring people that will be successful working from home. Happy to share what I have learned.

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