Identify and Uplevel Your Social Identity

This week’s Social Capitalist Tip is from Master Certified Coach Leah Grant, who serves as a myGreenlight coach.

Social Identity is how well you are known and how you are seen by others. Social identity is important because it is about who you are with people.

When being considered for promotions and projects technical excellence is only one piece of what’s being considered — the other component is your social identity.

After working with hundreds of professionals in the myGreenlight program, I have recognized three main types of social identity:

  1. The Recluse — This person keeps their head down, is technically skilled and does great work. They only reach out to those people they must have contact with to complete a project. When they communicate they stay away from all personal subjects. The Recluse may get put on teams for their abilities, but they are often passed up for promotions and really great projects because no one knows who they are and they haven’t taken the time to get to know anyone else.
  2. The Opportunist — This person is technically skilled and focused on what they want. They only reach out to people they believe can do something for them. While they are applying and understanding the myGreenlight principles in a small sphere, they often forget to lead with generosity and only go up the intimacy pyramid as far as they think they need to get what they want because they have a strict agenda for connecting with the person.
  3. The Social Capitalist — This person understands that relationships are many times more important, and definitely as important, as technical skill. They build time into every day to foster and maintain relationships both inside and outside their company. They apply and embody the principles of the myGreenlight program and enjoy committing social arbitrage. As a result, their career flourishes at a fast rate, they get on the projects they want, and they feel more fulfilled.

So, what’s your social identity today?

If you noticed that you are being the recluse, just start to reach out. Follow the myGreenlight program step-by-step and you’ll be the social capitalist in no time.

If you related to the opportunist description, know that you are half way there. Drop your agenda and get to know people for who they are, not just what they can do for you.

And if you are already a social capitalist — congratulations — you are reaping the rewards of a well-tuned network. Keep connecting!

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