Guest Blog: How a Purpose Coach uses myGreenlight’s Model of Trust to Grow His Network

Howard Crampton, Jr., one of our earliest myGreenlight members, is a passionate life coach and mentor who helps people identify and develop their life purpose.

My introduction to the myGreenlight program was definitely in alignment with my purpose. It has helped me increase my network from 25 people (when I first began), to over 2,000+ people (not including my Facebook friends)!

My network continues to grow week by week, and I owe that in large part to the model of trust I learned through the myGreenlight Program. This model consists of the four mindsets of generosity, intimacy, candor, and accountability and it allows me to connect with people to add value to many lives and grow my business.

Generosity is my weapon of choice in a room full of 30-200+ persons. The ability to leave a strong impression on the people I meet is facilitated best by leading with generosity. People love to talk about themselves and when you practice active listening, not only does the individual get to talk about his- or herself, but you have an opportunity to listen for key factors (e.g. challenges, target audience, etc.) and find an opportunity to become generous and purposeful with offers of your service or product specific to the information you just obtained from this person.

I generate intimacy by sharing stories with others. Speaking on my experiences of pain and victory and how I broke through creates a level of intimacy that allows others to perceive me as authentic and real and helps accelerate a foundation of trust between myself and others.

I’ve found that when I am perceived as being generous and genuine it allows me to be candid and to offer quality feedback to help make new acquaintances and potential clients more purposeful in their ventures. Generally, people don’t feel comfortable pointing out areas in which we can improve, but we all need to hear it and enacting candor allows me to be most helpful and to stay on my purpose as a coach and mentor.

Being authentic and sharing my truth is what keeps people coming back for more of what I have to offer and what gives me permission to hold them accountable for their actions.

As my network multiplies I find myself faced with decisions on where to spend my time, simply for the sake of time and energy. In figuring this out, I use Jim Rohn advice on the 80/20 rule.  He said, “Spend 80% of your time with the 20 percentile, and 20% of your time with 80 percentile.” No matter what business you’re in, invest 80% of your time in the circles that are receptive to your practice of the four mindsets and 20% of your time with those who can’t connect with it-yet. You’ll identify these groups pretty easily as you grow your network. Bring value to those who want it. Work on bringing value over time with those who have yet to acknowledge that they need you. Either way, always seek to be of service.

As Jeff Kaplan says “I’ll see you around the website!”

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