The Secret to Making Even One Small Change

What kind of change is on your mind today? It might be simple, like trying to get yourself to visit the gym daily. It might complex, like deciding how quickly to expand your business. Either way, we all know, change ain’t easy.

Accountability helps. Experience it yourself by trying a mission from one of the myGreenlight Relationship Bootcamp lessons: Powerful Accountability through a Bite-Sized Behavioral Change. This mission starts to build a practice of tapping your network for accountability – why go it alone when others can help?

Find an Accountability Buddy

Your Mission: By building accountability around a small behavior change, you will taste the transformative power of having a committed network that won’t let you fail.

Make a commitment around a behavioral change that you know will improve your work: e.g., getting into the office 15 minutes earlier, exercising in the morning, or spending the first 15 minutes of every workday pinging prospects or circles of influence. Then email a target contact whom you think would enjoy the mission him- or herself. Ask him to be your partner in accountability by setting a meeting one week out to check in on your follow through — or you can even check in with each other daily. If you want to take it a step further, make this a regular weekly check-in during which you share a success, a challenge, and a commitment for the week going forward.

What’s your bite-sized change?

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  2. Keith: Spot-on advice. In this day of personal technology, may I offer this friendly amendment for those who are wired and like social tools? “Get an accountability app”. (ours is free at

    With an accountability app, you not only get daily reminders of that one small change (if you want them), but you gain real time 24/7 transparency with your accountability partners so you can support each other to keep up with the actions that matter most.

    You can accomplish just about ANYTHING with focus, consistency, and accountability. You just have to learn to make intentional living a habit. Over time, your habits become your character and strong character makes you a success magnet.

    Run hard!
    Travis Dommert | irunurun

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