The Greenlight Highlight: A Client Experience Director’s Success with Relationship Mastery

Aimee Lucas
Associate Director – Client Experience, Crowe Horwath LLP
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Greenlight Member Since: May 2010
Nominated by Greenlight member Lorena Bin de Galvez

Elevator Pitch: My passion is helping the organization I work for make changes that meet our client expectations while also helping our employees succeed in their roles.

What experience in your past was the moment you recognized how important relationships are to your success?

Reflecting back, there should have been an “aha” moment. Instead, I have to say that my recognition of the importance of relationships to my success happened after I had already benefited from them. In my role at Crowe Horwath, the initial connections I formed in my professional career really paved the way for the opportunities that I was offered and able to step into in my career. Those relationships allowed me to develop quickly in my 15 + years here.

What’s the coolest things you’re working on at home or at work right now?

I am starting our company’s version of an ambassador program. To drive change in the organization, we are looking at those passionate early adopters within our professional staff who want to take an active role in the growth and change within Crowe. It has been fun getting to know a whole new set of people and to look at how we can get them excited about it and how they can then excite their peers. During the first couple of weeks in January, I had the opportunity to present to three classes of new hires. Fresh off college campuses. While relaying what I wished I knew at their age, I spoke directly to the relationship mastery core concepts and how important relationships will be to their growth at Crowe and anywhere their professional path takes them.

What relationship building skills and strategies are you applying to the project you just told us about?

Leading with generosity is something that I have always believed was important. I always look to approach our HiPo’s at Crowe with candor and authenticity and the admittance that I can’t do anything without their generous participation.

What’s your most effective relationship action planning routine? The one you renew and repeat with the most success?

I keep the myGreenlight materials handy so that I can refresh often. However, the blue flame definition was so powerful for me personally that I continue to come back to that. It freed me up to look at relationship building and targeting as less of a mercenary act. Getting clarity around why I am connecting with my targets helped to shift my thinking towards the bigger purpose and the importance of that purpose for me. Additionally, not being an extrovert this focus on larger purpose really freed me up to ask for help. The vision board exercise is also one that I keep in front of me. The wallpaper on my computer is my original vision boards from myGreenlight.

What positive results have you noticed in your life since you started putting the strategies of relationship mastery to work?

I have noticed tremendous positive results. The network of people that I formed relationships with in myGreenlight are still with me today. I’m in a much more solid place professionally because of the relationship mastery applications. My approach to professional networking has opened opportunities for speaking engagements at conferences in my field and to connect with other professionals. This industry exposure and outside validation has bolstered my internal reputation and has increased my ability to consult and influence internally.

Are there any successes from the myGreenlight program that you can quantify, specific to either your business/revenue or your network?

In managing my staff, leading with authenticity is especially important because we are charting courses that have no prior blueprint to follow. Getting them on the team mentally means being honest about the position we are in as a team and admitting that I need them to accomplish what we have on our plate. I’ve also been very thoughtful about how I connect them with people internally that they need to build relationships with across the firm. Creating those opportunities for them shows my investment in their future success.

Any last words for those new to the myGreenlight Community?

Cold outreach could garner you some lasting relationships. Reach out cold sometimes to members of the community. Tell them what intrigues you about their profile and that you’d like to hear their story. Someone initiated that when I was in the program and those are the strongest relationships I have in the community to this day. Making those community connections really can develop into some of the best professional relationships.

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