Relationship Roundup

In the Roundup spotlight this week: how to filter criticism without missing good advice, better ways for leaders to build rapport, and the benefits of collaboration and mentorship. Enjoy!

To believe or not to believe – In the myGreenlight community we encourage members to view feedback as data vs. emotionalizing it as criticism. It can be challenging to know when to listen to critique and when to ignore it. This article from Behance offers some helpful advice for filtering outside input. Read it here

Connection tips for leaders –These tips from Eileen Sinett, author of Speaking that Connects are helpful for anyone who wants to improve their ability to influence others within or external to their organizations. Read the SmartBlog here

Connection and collaboration –The landscape has certainly shifted in today’s corporate environments and the dust of change is still settling. Regardless of whether you agree or not with the predicted outcomes one thing is clear, connection and collaboration provide valuable insight if you care to take it. Learn more about the possible implications of a more connected generation in this HBR Blog post

A few words on familiarity – I get many questions from the myGreenlight community about connecting in an authentic manner. I think this post from Seth Godin offers good advice across the board. Read the post here

Mining for a mentor – At myGreenlight we highly advocate accountability buddies, lifeline members, and mentors for long term achievement. The eight best practices offered in Entrepreneur magazine on finding and maintaining a mentor relationship are right on point. Read them here

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Director.

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