Guest Video: How to Use Trade Shows Effectively

Diane Helbig is an internationally recognized business and leadership development coach, author, speaker, and radio show host. As a certified, professional coach and president of Seize This Day Coaching, Diane helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. She evaluates, encourages, and guides her clients.

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  1. Interesting….although I’d argue that booth at trade shows are not useful for all (I mean for attendees as well as expo companies).

    If you are an attendee, my advice is: don’t browse, look at the list of exhibiting companies before the event and b-line for the ones you are interested in. Once there, make sure you get the most qualified person to give you the demo you need. Depending on your need, don’t give your contact info – take theirs and tell them you’ll contact them if interested.

    If you are an expo company, decide if the time and money you are putting in the booth is going to derive true value. Is this something you are doing because your competitor does it? What’s your goal? Getting qualified leads? Depending on your sales process, an expo booth could be the most expensive and least efficient way of doing that. Think outside the box, outsmart your competitor and look at more creative ways to engage with your prospects.

    Bruno Aziza

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