The Greenlight Highlight: How a Marketing Development Manager’s Mastery of the Relationship Mindsets Boosts his Business and Career Opportunities

Saul Marquez
Marketing Development Manager for NuVasive
Chicago, IL
Greenlight Member Since: 2010
Nominated by Greenlighter – Mark Jewell

Elevator Pitch: I want to be the best at everything that I do, live life purposefully and help others do the same. I work diligently in the advancement of spinal procedures and minimally disruptive spine procedures. I work with surgeons across the U.S. to make back surgery less painful and with quicker recovery.

What experience in your past was the moment you recognized how important relationships are to your success?

The one that sticks out immediately is my speech team experience in college. As the competition season unrolled a head-scratcher was revealed. It wasn’t always the best speech that won the prize and I started to see a trend among the recurring winners. They were always the same people hanging out with the judges and those who knew them by first name. I realized I needed to figure that out if I wanted to win. I started making a greater effort to rub shoulders with the decision makers and by the end of the second season, I was in the winners’ pool. I learned that those wins by others were not unearned. They had taken the time to prepare to connect with the audience. I learned that the real point of getting to know the judges was about creating intimacy with the audience and making a connection to pave the way for my presentation.

What’s the coolest things you’re working on at home or at work right now?
A friend from college, Chris, has a research and data collection company in the medical and pharmaceutical sector that runs parallel to the industry I’m working in. It’s an IT venture and he’s at the point where he needs a sales director for the company and he reached out to me to help grow his venture. I am truly enjoying putting the connections from the research side of his business and the device side of my business together.

What relationship building skills and strategies are you applying to the project you just told us about?
The whole partnership with Chris is a great example of understanding your relationship currency. How you can offer the things that you are good at to somebody and make a partnership out of it. Right now, I’m tapping into my relationships with universities to better understand what type of research they are doing and what partnership opportunities are available for Chris’ venture. Wearing the consultant hat and applying the principle of intimacy to connect with people in order to better understand where people want to go and then being able to offer something of value from Chris’s company has been my focus. All of this effort is driven by my desire to make Chris successful and any social arbitrage I can conduct between Chris and another contact that has a need for his service is a win to me.

What’s your most effective relationship action planning routine? The one you renew and repeat with the most success?
There’s nothing more fundamental than setting good goals and linking them to your Relationship Action Plan (RAP). I keep my RAP on my desktop, my iPad and my iPhone.  On iPad and iPhone I keep it in my notes and that synchronizes together. I don’t have a smooth system for keeping all three updated, but for now retyping  on the desktop helps set things in my memory. I look at my RAP at least 1x per week. When I’m on a plane, I bring it up and see how I’m doing. Sometimes I look at it once a day. I track my outreach and set intimacy and outreach goals quarterly for certain individuals. I also keep a log next to their names about what they want to achieve. By reviewing that document frequently I’m better able to keep their goals top of mind.  In the beginning it was overwhelming, but I worked it into my process and now it runs like clockwork and has really helped make an impact in my business.

What positive results have you noticed in your life since you started putting the strategies of relationship mastery to work?
Prior to getting this job, I started my RAP planning. When I interviewed for my job, I made sure to touch base with Team GICA (Generosity, Intimacy, Candor and Accountability), my Greenlight Accountability Team. My cover letter was very unorthodox. I applied the principle of intimacy by telling a story of how I used to be overweight and how pushing myself to change showed me my capability for overcoming obstacles in my life. Team GICA really encouraged me to go that route instead of a traditional cover letter and to really put myself out there. The program teaches you to build it before you need it. During the interview process, I organized my network and identified people who could help me. Some of them were the surgeons I’ve worked with who called to put in a good word for me. I have been very good at staying in touch with my old colleagues and competitors. Ironically one of my old bosses was on the review board for this position and because of my good rapport and track record with him, I got a position that I was technically under qualified for in experience. When he found out I was on the interview squad he said immediately–hire him! 17 interviews later I had the job. Now I have a 17 state territory and I’m growing our business the way I knew and everyone who vouched for me knew I could!

Are there any successes as a result of the myGreenlight program that you want to share?
Besides getting my dream job, applying the principles in my new role where I have to deal with more sales people and clients has allowed the procedure I represent to skyrocket. The number of cases has more than tripled, the requests for the product line from sales people has exploded. They give me a target each quarter and I consider that my minimum and give myself a bigger goal to meet. My team of three people has been able to train over 200 people about our procedure and this year we expect to do the same amount if not more.

In my line of work, sales reps open the doors for me. It’s a collaborative effort between me and them. Using and teaching the principles of relationship building has allowed me to take optimal advantage of the doors that the sales reps open for me. I always start with a story, and tell them that we’re here to make sure their patients get the best.

Has there been any challenges in your life that you’ve been able to solve by applying the mindsets and process of relationship mastery?
There’s always challenges. There was a group that didn’t want to meet with me. I had to put myself in their shoes and see the scenario from their perspective. I did some digging and found out they were overloaded with things that I had helped others with. I led with generosity and shared what I’d done for others that could help free up some of their time.  Doing the research, finding the hot button, and delivering generosity has now made that an open door for me.

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