Relationship Roundup

This week in the roundup, tips on diversifying your influence style, how “NO” can help clear your plate for the important, connecting in the future, and the new connected consumer.

Diversify your influence style – Learning different styles of influence can help you bring others on board to important projects and initiatives. Read the HBR Blog here

Find your inner NO – In the past year business trends have explored the concept of slowing down (slower production, slow growing) and now we’re being told to even slow down our own pace and say, “No” to some things. This is not an attempt to disrupt “business as usual” but rather to reinstate quality of production and in the case of our personal selves, greater quality of productiveness. Read Tony Schwartz HBR blog to learn the Four Practices to Re-prioritize Your Life.

Relating in the future – The top 20 predictions for what life might be like in the next 100 years is a fascinating projection of our potential as a human race. How many new ways will we be connecting with others in the future? Take it with a grain of salt, after all, we’ve yet to see the arrival of that flying car the Jetson’s promised us in 2012. Read the BBC article here

The new connected consumer – The marketing industry is acknowledging the power of the digitally savvy consumer and learning their unique purchasing patterns. Fast Company expert blogger Brian Solis and author of The End of Business as Usual explains how to identify and relate to this emerging consumer market

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Director.

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