Relationship Roundup

Collaborate and innovate with greater aptitude using this week’s five finds in the Roundup.

From Improv to Innovation — Maintaining the sparks of creativity in an organization takes work. Here the author shares how his company uses improv sessions to spark brainstorms that benefit the businesses’ evolution and its employee morale. Read the Inc. article here

Upgrading the long slow coffee — This Chicago based café operated by State Farm insurance is using the social advantages of the coffee house vibe to get closer to existing and potential consumers. Read more about this great idea here

The Perks of Paying it Forward – This is a generous idea we can get behind. One woman’s generous act of leaving behind $100 to pay for the coffee and snacks of those that came after her has sparked collective generosity in a South Carolina coffee shop. Now the shop owner receives funds from patrons and those just passing by in the neighborhood to pay for the next person’s coffee or food. Read about it in the GOOD magazine community here

Collaborative Environments – Learn how environmental cues trigger behavioral outcomes and how to design more collaborative team environments in this blog post from I2I. Read the blog here

Inspired Collaboration – This Inc. story is not only inspiring, but also illustrates how connecting with others can lead to inspired ideas and collaborations with those that can help make your goals a reality. Read the article here

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Director.

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