Networking for Introverts

Check out an excerpt from the transcript for The Social Capitalist interview featuring Nancy Ancowitz. Access the audio recording here. Here’s the full transcript: Social Capitalist Transcript – Nancy Ancowitz. Enjoy!

TAHL RAZ:     Now are you mostly working with body language?  You say it’s a quick, easy way.  What else is specific to introverts that you’ll work with?


NANCY ANCOWITZ:    Well, the way we use our voices.  And so really important in introvert, if you’re an introvert, you need to think before you speak.  And that may sound “oh obvious, don’t we all –aren’t we all supposed to think before we speak.”  But no, we’re wired differently.  If you’re an extrovert, you like to think out loud.  You love to brainstorm.  That comes naturally to you.  If you’re an introvert, ooh, that’s a tough one.  You really need to think about things ahead of time.  So being put on the spot at the meeting is terrifying for you.  So by practicing that kind of thing, it really helps.  In fact, for years, I’ve studied improvisation for that reason to get myself more comfortable thinking on the spot.  It’s still not my natural strength.  It’s still something I prefer to be able to think in advance, but it helps.

TAHL RAZ:     So and I just heard you say that in essence, you’re also suggesting that people actually before the meeting, pre-package, pre-script, things that they’re going to say, points that they’re going to make and have that in front of them.  Is that something you’re suggesting?

NANCY ANCOWITZ:    Absolutely.  Because again, if you’re an introvert, you think before you speak.  So if you go into a meeting blank, without preparing, you’re in tough shape.  If an extrovert goes into a meeting without preparing, hah, she can wing it.  An introvert doesn’t wing it as easily.  It’s just not the way we’re wired.  It doesn’t work as well for us.  It’s a lot more – takes a lot more out of us.  So if you want to be your most articulate and you’re an introvert, you really need to prepare.  Come up with those key points.  The other thing you could do is you talk to people.  You take people aside before the meeting if you have important points to make and if you need to lobby for something.  You do that one-on-one with individuals before the meeting.  And it was overwhelming and you’ll be more – you’re more effective one-on-one than you’re in a group, in general.  So that’s another technique to use.

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  2. great interview! I’m definitely going to check out the book. I alway ask for an agenda before attending a meeting and I always feel blindsided when I don’t receive one. Great pointers on formulating a social game plan. Thank you!

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