Best Relationship Posts of 2011

As we start the new year, here’s a last look at some of my favorite relationship-related posts of last year from across the web.

Marketing versus Connecting: Chris Brogan sheds light on how you can make your contacts feel a little more special.

How to Increase Your Likeability: Guy Kawasaki’s always smart take on what he has coined as “enchantment,” with a funny and heartfelt comic that is easy to read.

Three Interview Secrets You’ll Never Hear in School:  Business leader Peter Guber gives insight on how to ace your next interview.

Mark Goulston’s Personal Branding interview: Read about finding the right balance between speaking and listening and learn how to “listen with your eyes.”

Secret Social Skills Successful People Know: Penelope Trunk’s tips on how to improve your social skills and become more successful.

Advice For Professionals: Build Relationships to Build Your CareerUSA Today did an eye-opening study of an African-American female that shows how to go from feeling invisible to feeling empowered by building relationships.

Get Rich Investing In Your Own Human Capital: Social Capitalist guest Michael Ellsberg offers insight in this video about how investing in yourself may be the best way to go.

Networking Advice for People Who Hate Networking: CBS tries to make networking a manageable goal for those people who really don’t like networking.

How To Network for Shy People: This CIO article provides twelve easy-to-follow tips for people who are shy and have a hard time networking.

What are some of your favorite articles about relationship building? Do you agree with the ones listed above?

Ritu Walia is myGreenlight’s Member Coordinator.

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