What Do You Want to Achieve in 2012?

Does the idea of setting goals instantly paralyze you? Have you found goal-setting to be an ineffective way to create real change in your life?

On a recent Social Capitalist call, the author, CEO, venture capitalist, and coach Christine Comaford gave myGreenlighters the following mission to improve their 2012 planning:

Identify needle movers, rather than goals, for 2012.

Needle movers are things that will move the needle forward in your business or personal life – essentially goals that change your life fundamentally. While a goal is binary and can leave you feeling great or defeated, a needle mover ends with you either reaching your target (what you want), the minimum (what you are willing to accept), or a mind blowing result (beyond your wildest dreams!). You won’t always get the exact result you want but you will have moved the needle forward.

To complete Christine’s mission, write down the three things that would change everything for you in your business life and your personal life. Three in each category. For example, Christine said that one of her 2012 needle movers will be to take at least seven personal retreats to do yoga and explore nature throughout the year. Getting centered allows her to be of better service to her network and to be overall more productive, healthy, and happy.

What are your 2012 needle movers? Please share – your ideas may inspire someone else!

To take this mission to the next level, go to www.ChristineComaford.com/resources and head to Operational Efficiency to create a 90-day plan.

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  3. Great advise Christine. I could’nt agree more with this “needle mover” philosophy… as the saying goes… “If you are going to GO; GO the whole hog!”

    I have to say, I picked up Yoga with last years “resolution” set – it was the only one that stuck – and I must say – it revolutionized both personal and business fundamentals… instantly.

    Best wishes for a fearless 2012… let’s party like its 1999!

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