Relationship Roundup

With the annual holiday break upon us, I thought now would be a good time to remind everyone of the power of the accountability buddy. If you don’t have an accountability buddy or lifeline support group, working towards a coaching or team support model can be a game changer for you in 2012. Now, some generous bits of advice to leverage your networks and gift ideas that will move your relationships forward into the new year.

Traits of leadership – Former CEO Doug Conant argues in his new book “TouchPoints, for a “head, heart and hands” approach to leadership that draws on logic, emotion and personal commitment as the conductor for successful leadership. Read more here

Small Groups deliver big innovation – Companies like Glaxo Smith Kline and others are betting on smaller team sizes to deliver faster velocity and greater agility for innovation decisions. Read the HBR blog here

Dignified Cultures – This SmartBrief on Leadership article about leading with dignity highlights what it means to embody treating others well, what to do with people when their dignity has been violated and the steps to take when others violate the respect line in the workplace. Read the article here

Social Media Your Way through the Holiday – Don’t overlook the opportunity to use holiday social gatherings to expand  your network and show others how much you value their presence in your business and personal life. Read it here

Gifts that give all year – This holiday season, consider business gifts that will be memorable beyond the holidays. Magazine subscriptions in an area of  interest to the receiver, hobby of the month clubs, online services for music, travel and entertainment. Not only are they easy to send via email or in a card, but every month when the subscription arrives, a thought of the giver (you) will naturally come to mind. Here’s one reference point to get your creative thoughts flowing

Tell us your favorite subscription services to gift.

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Manager.

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