Relationship Roundup

It’s the last Roundup of the year, it only seems appropriate to hone in on the thing that makes this the most wonderful time of the year – the people we share it with. Happy Holidays to you and yours from everyone here at myGreenlight.

Prioritize People – As you appreciate the people in your professional life consider that the top performers on the 2011 World’s Best Multinational Companies list are companies with strong cultures. Investing in your team, colleagues and employees pays off in brand equity and profitability. Read the HBR post here

Take care of #1 – Whether you stay-cation or vacation, the holiday break is the time to schedule a no work zone and congratulate yourself for a year well done by honoring yourself a break. If you have challenges unplugging from work during time off, this CBS Moneywatch article can help you clear up the space to check out.  Read more here

Business manners make a difference – Putting good manners to use pays off in business interactions. The basic manners outlined in this CBS Moneywatch are small acts that make big positive impressions when used. Practice them while engaged in this years holiday parties and remember them throughout the new year. Read the article here

An annual tradition — Every year I enjoy the work the Trendwatching staff goes through to bring us their predictions on how social trends will shape the coming years business opportunities. Read the 2012 line up here

Something to look forward to – I don’t know about you, but I’m highly anticipating something amazing from whatever the future LinkedIn iPad App delivers. Senior LinkedIn Executive, Deep Nishar gives some insight on what a future Linkedin App might look like based on user patterns. View the video here

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Manager.

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