Relationship Roundup

This week in the roundup: a focus on leadership traits that will have you better relate to those you lead and hope to lead.

Leadership Highlight: The list of recipients for this year’s Top American Leaders Awards hosted by Washington Post Live, in partnership with Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership provides some nice nuggets of wisdom for leading today. Watch the video clips of Monday’s speeches here

Empower the people: This HBR blog by Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald highlights how the use of social media ushers in new ways to enhance your greatest asset, your people, by empowering them to collaborate at unprecedented scale. Read the blog here

3 habits of highly effective people: Assess your leadership strengths and gaps with this CBS Money Watch article. Read it here

A simply amazing idea: Using the extensive knowledge base of the retired and soon to retire holds great promise for organizations that need more intellectual capital. The Amazings have created a unique business opportunity out of this underutilized resource. Read and view more here

Leaders must learn to change people – Change, a must to avoid corporate stagnation and the big bad wolf of executive requests to its employee base. This interview with Kevin Eikenberry author of Bud to Boss by Michael Figliuol of ThoughtLeaders, LLC summarizes some best practices for leaders who want to elicit positive changes from their teams. Read the interview here

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