Five Ways to Win Over Your Boss

There is no way to overemphasize how important it is to maintain a good working relationship with your boss. A boss can make or break you; this Monster article sheds some light on how to cement your position in the company.

Follow these tips to make sure that you’re doing the right things and acting appropriately in the office:

  1. Watch your boss and learn.
  2. Communicate the way your boss wants to.
  3. Look and act professional.
  4. Demonstrate initiative.
  5. Do great work.

Some of these tips are self explanatory, but others may need some context. For the first one, Peter Vogt suggests, “keep your opinions to yourself until you understand the company culture well and know what people will look upon with favor and what they’ll look upon with disdain.” This doesn’t have to mean that you never try to influence your company’s culture with your actions – but first you need to understand the rules of the game.

An important point brought up with tip number two is “whatever your supervisor’s style, typically it’s up to you to establish and maintain the lines of communication between the two of you.” Your boss may manage several people, therefore it is essential for you to keep him/her informed.

Your relationship with your boss continues to be important even when he or she isn’t your boss any more. Keith Ferrazzi blogged earlier this year about why that’s the case — take a look.

What’s the best strategy you’ve used to improve  a relationship with your supervisor?

Ritu Walia is myGreenlight’s Member Coordinator.

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