Relationship Roundup

This week in the Relationship Roundup, examples of how relationships make our world go round.

Beyond Facebook, How Business Is Getting Social – Alistair Rennie, IBMs General Manager shares how social technologies are creating stronger consumer relationships and creating new business cultures. Read it here

The Math of Favors – Love Seth Godin’s thoughts in general. Love this thought in particular for his take on the art of generosity. Read the post

What’s your listen to talk ratio? – Listening is the foundation for any good relationship, including the relationship you build with your customers. This HBR post shares how to start monitoring your Talk/Listen Ratio.

How influential are you?  — Speaking of listening, author of Just Listen, myGreenlight community member and former webinar guest Dr. Mark Goulston is helping people increase their influence.  Find out how you rate at  and receive 5 tips for dramatically increasing your influence today.

The relationship isn’t over – Maintaining good relationships in your organizations could get you rehired by your old company. Everyone misses a good thing when it’s gone. Read the article in the Wall Street Journal

Window Shopping 2.0 – No you’re not hearing things. The retail windows you just passed may soon be whispering to you as retailers explore new ways to build a relationship with consumers.  Springwise shares the future here.

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Manager.

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