Mini Mission Monday

One of the key ways that you can show generosity to your network is by connecting people to the contacts and resources that will help move them toward their personal and professional goals.

Your Mission:

MyGreenlight needs your help! We are building a resource guide to help future myGreenlight members reach their learning goals.  Share your experience and expertise and recommend your favorite learning resource in the comments below.

Books, online or live communities, workshops, courses, apps, etc.  Anything is fair game.

Thank you!

Comments (2)

  1. I am grateful for a job that puts me in contact with interesting, creative, inspired people every single day.

    For friends and family whom I love and trust completely, and who make me laugh every single day.

    And for coworkers who are thought partners and friends.

    Also for kittens, my cozy apt, my beautiful Fall walk to work, Fresh Direct, Skyrim, Phillip Glass, everything by Errol Morris and H Murakami, and my Timberland heeled boots.

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