The Greenlight Highlight: Marketing and Sales Success

The Greenlight Highlight is myGreenlight’s monthly community member spotlight interview. On the last Friday of every month, the Highlight features a community member who has reaped the benefits from building mutually rewarding relationships and captures the essence of relationship mastery.

Allow us to introduce…

Lorena Bin de Galvez
Director Marketing & Sales / Partner, Dimensus/Logrelo
Greenlight Member Since: July, 2010
Interviewed via Skype from…Guatemala, Mexico
30-Second Elevator Pitch: I am passionate about helping industries and companies take their marketing and communications beyond the promotional cycle to create messages that express passion and address what their customer really want and need.

Favorite relationship mastery mindset and why?
Generosity.  Asking others how I can help them allows me to share my passion. That has been a powerful mindset shift for me.  Helping others has opened many doors to other introductions. Since starting my business a year ago, I have not had to invest in marketing. Leading with generosity has brought word of mouth referrals that keep leading to new business opportunities.  In my first year of business I made about $15,000.  Since I’ve begun focusing on my relationship approach, my business has brought in $50,000 this year and 70% of the proposals I’ve submitted from referrals have landed me new accounts.

When did it first click that relationships profoundly affect your success in business?
I used to work for large multinational corporations like Shell, Quaker Oats. I worked hard, I achieved my goals and I was always well rated. Other people in the company were getting better jobs than I was being offered and I didn’t understand why.  When I changed my work and started working as a marketing manager for a well-known Guatemalan real estate company, it clicked for me that internationally relationships are key to everything, relationships open doors. One day in 2006, I was in a Borders airport and I picked up Never Eat Alone. That was the piece that changed my entire outlook.… What I do today doesn’t feel like work. I’m helping others and giving value with what I do best.

How has putting a thoughtful process around relationship development benefited your business?
It’s made me focus on adding value to others. I was doing that before, but not with a disciplined or thoughtful approach. The Relationship Action Plan provided clarity on my purpose for nurturing the relationships in my network.  Before, I wasn’t sure that what I was doing was really helping.  The study and application of the mindsets has garnered success for my business that proves this approach works.

What’s the coolest thing that’s happening in your life right now, personally or professionally?
I do a lot of work in Mexico and Central America where digital marketing and communications are still new arenas. People here are just getting the value of online channels. I want to be a part of changing that thought pattern for companies and executives. Personally, I’m working on a blog for marketing and communication tips to share my passion for this new marketing landscape and how it’s opened up opportunities for me such as new work with a coaching client in the U.S. market.

What strategies and tactics from the myGreenlight program do you find you repeat and renew most frequently and why?
Most frequently, I repeat my strategic planning with my Relationship Action Plan.  It’s important for me to continually revisit who my connectors are and to be reminded of the value of my network. When I hit a lull with my client base, reviewing my RAP forces me to identify who I haven’t extended currency to recently and to consistently focus on providing my network with value.

What still presents a challenge for you in building relationships that you continue to work on?
It’s still a challenge to overcome my perception that others are prejudging me.  Sometimes I try to put on a corporate image and I have to remind myself to be authentic and transparent. Being honest about who I am and the value I provide is great enough.

What advice would you give to new members of the community that you have found to be best practices for relationship mastery?
I recommend everybody take this program.  We create our own limitations and this program helps you break beyond that and understand that helping others is really helping yourself.

Give us your best opening line for starting a new relationship.
When I meet someone for the first time, I say “Hello, nice to meet you my name is Lorena Galvez. I work as a marketing consultant and I’m a passionate entrepreneur. What is your passion?” I usually get a shocked look or a response like this: “Passion for what? I don’t have time for a passion.” It makes people stop and think about what they are passionate about. They typically want to learn more about my passions and really helps break the ice for conversation about things that are meaningful to both of us.

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  1. Congrats Lorenesi…I am proud to see how much you-ve grown as an entrepeneur and as a person. It is rewarding to see that a relative has made this far….i love you and Thanks

  2. Congratulations Loren!!! You are great!!! I read your blog and it’s really great to know you’re doing so very well. I liked this “I have to remind myself to be authentic and transparent. Being honest about who I am and the value I provide is great enough.” I am sure you do.
    My best wishes for you and God blessing!!!
    Sandra Alvarado (Ex-Quaker)

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