Relationship Roundup

Three things we’re buzzing about this week.

What do Seth Godin, “Rich Dad” Robert Kiyosaki, and PayPal co-founder and Facebook angel investor, billionaire Peter Thiel all have in common? They lent their expertise to our friend Michael Ellsberg’s new book The Education of Millionaires. A must read for the next generation of entrepreneurs who’d rather invest in their business ideas than an education.  Get a free chapter here.

The New Currency. I was inspired by this New York Times blog post on Time Banks and how their providing solutions for thousands in the Big Apple. Excellent example of how your talents can be valuable currency to others and vice versus.

Face lift at Facebook. Everyone’s buzzing about the implications of the new Facebook changes so we thought we’d be generous and break down the top 6 things you must know, so you can continue to friend without fear.  Check it out!

Kibibi Springs is the myGreenlight Community Manager

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