Mini Mission Monday

The holiday season is approaching, and while sending greetings during the “busy season” is surely appropriate and appreciated, it is hard to stand out from the crowd at a time when airwaves and mailboxes are packed full.

One of Keith Ferrazzi’s special tactics is to send Thanksgiving greetings, to thank contacts for their impact on his life and business, as well as to reach out during a less busy time.

Your Mission:

Check out this list of obscure holidays and see if there are some that align well with your contacts.  You could stand out by being the only person to ask a colleague to join you for lunch on Sandwich Day (Nov 3), or treating the office on National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (Dec 16).  At the very least, you can have a fun debate over whether it is actually necessary to have an entire National Soup Month (January).

Also consider: for Groundhog Day – use the holiday to get people to think about what their next quarter will bring – and how to make it a great one.  Or even for Valentine’s Day – take advantage of the date to tell people how much they matter (no roses required).

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